Prologue Debate Continues….#MFRWAuthors #13

Short and sweet post from me this week….

I blogged about my Prologue Views last year.  In case it doesn’t cover this year’s topic, it can be helpful when you can’t find a way to show more backstory to your characters.

The rule in general is, if you’re going to have a prologue, there had better be an epilogue.  I think one of my books has an epilogue, but no prologue; not sure how I got around that rule!

What’s your take? 


4 responses to “Prologue Debate Continues….#MFRWAuthors #13

  1. I had an editor suggest one for my 1st pubbed work, but told me I also needed the epilogue, to properly ‘bookend’ the story. I don’t use them all the time; only when the story seems to call for it.

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