Big Dreams #MFRW #Authors #30

*Hyperveltilating*  I won!  I won?  OMG……I just matched ALL 6 numbers on the Powerball Lottery, not just only the $12 Powerball number!  I really won?  Am I dreaming?  *faints*

During the Press Conference:

“Ms Daniels, what do you plan to do with your millions?”

Hmmm…..that’s a good question.

  1. Find a reputable money manager.
  2. Give 10% of my monthly income to the church
  3. Pay off my house and truck
  4. Buy myself a vehicle (truck is really hubby’s, even though my name’s on it!)
  5. Tear down my green house
  6. Put $50K in accounts for my grandchildren (all four), my four children, and a few of my struggling Adoptees, as well as my niece and nephew, and help ease my sister’s finances.  She helped me once upon a time, so it will be nice to return the favor!
  7. Go on a major shopping spree at the following locations:  Amazon, Kittles, Maurice’s, Walmart, and Hobby Lobby, as well as Barnes and Noble, Office Max, and maybe Vista Print.
  8. Hire someone to upgrade the electrical system in my house OR call the producers of This Old House.  I want a remodel!
  9. After my remodel, buy myself a baby grand piano.
  10. Get my passport so I could visit my sister in Canada.
  11. Take my parents to Colorado and buy a cabin for their use anytime they wanted to use it.
  12. Go to Disney World and Universal
  13. Attend several book signings around the US and finally meet the authors who helped me get my start:  Anny Cook, Regina Carlysle, Bronwyn Green, Brynn Paulin, Desiree Holt, Cindy Spencer Pape, and Mary Martinez.  Also meet others whose books I’ve loved, including Laurann Dohner, Liz Crowe, Sabrina Jeffries, Nora Roberts, and Danielle Steel.
  14. Hire someone to haul off the stuff in my brown house AND give it a thorough cleaning.  This might also be included in #8, lol!

Can you tell I’ve given this some thought?  LOL!  I’d also make a considerable donation to Make-A-Wish, the American Cancer Society, and Hope’s Voice.

“Ms Daniels, I’m your fourth cousin once removed!  Can you help us pay our bills?”

Ummmm……if you can’t prove how we’re related, then most likely no, especially if you’re someone I’ve NEVER heard of.  If you are a trusted relative, you’re probably NOT going to ask for any help, so just know that I KNOW which relatives are struggling, and those individuals will receive a little something in their Christmas stocking.

*Yawns*  Oh crap…..that was just a dream!  *checks ticket*  Yeah, I’ve only matched the Powerball number, with the multiplyer of 2.  Hellooooo six dollars!  Yeah, I’ll try not to spend it all in the same place.

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Update On Mom:

She’s having an MRI on Friday, then a 2nd opinion on her spine in the next few weeks, as well as a consultation with Physical Therapy next month.  The shot she had last week seems to be working; she’s able to stand with minimal help, and can even take one or two steps with assistance!  

On Saturday, I’m heading to Indianapolis to see my new great-grandson, who was released from the NICU last weekend.  He’s doing well, and I’m looking forward to holding him:)

Phoenix Russell James, born July 14, 2018 at 3:31 am

6 lbs, 9 oz, 19.5″ long:)

Here he is at one hour…..

Here he is in the NICU, about 36 hours old….I could only hold his tiny feet!

And here he is, one week old:)

“Best Thanksgiving Ever”…..Said The 14 y/o….#MFRW #Authors #29

When it comes to favorite holiday memories, I have several.  Disney World or amusement parks over the 4th of July.  Trips to Grandma’s house at Christmas.  But the one which always sticks out in my mind was the Thanksgiving Day in 1979.

My mom was exhausted, so she and Dad decided to do something completely different that year.  We drove to a town thirty miles away and checked into the Holiday Inn.  My sister and I had our room; my parents had theirs.  After the ‘official’ family meal in the dining room, my sister and I were turned loose.  We could swim, play video games, ping-pong, watch TV……and if we were hungry, we could go to the dining room and charge our meal to the room.

What a great time we had!  We didn’t have to clean up any dirty dishes; we didn’t have to deal with relatives…..we had the day to ourselves.

The next day, Mom drove us to Indianapolis for the annual Christmas Shopping Day, and ate in the LS Ayers Tea Room.  I think we even stopped at Grandma’s afterward.

What about you?  What’s your favorite holiday memory?

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Update On Mom:

She’s scheduled for an MRI next week, and the doctor is fairly certain she’ll need back surgery.  I had a great time at a local event last Friday, selling 9 books and doing some networking:)  

Thinking about possibly going to Peoria on Sat for Writers On The River and seeing some friends.

All Things Creative #MFRW #Authors #28

What Do I Do When I’m Not Writing Or What Other Creative Outlets Do I Enjoy?

This topic and #31 are sort of the same.  So to answer this week’s topic, What creative outlets do I enjoy, the answer’s very simple.

Karaoke  This allows me to free my ‘inner rock star’ and hang out with friends.

Needlepoint:  I discovered the family will leave me alone if I’m working on a needlepoint or cross-stitch project!  If I’m at the computer, the family feels free to interrupt me, since they don’t see what I’m doing as ‘working’.  But sitting at the table, listening to music and happily stitching away?  The kids go to Dad for whatever they need.  So if I need some peace and quiet, all I have to do is pull out my sewing bag!

-Cooking:  I don’t often get the urge to make a gourmet meal, but when I do, I enjoy trying out new recipes.  If it’s a total failure, I can usually count on a trip to our Chinese Buffet, especially if it’s deemed inedible by my husband!  Admittedly, this has only occurred once or twice.  One time, I made a meal according to the directions and it didn’t fill up my hungry family.  A pizza was ordered two hours later.

-Reading:  I love to lose myself in a good book.


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Mom Update:

I’ve taken over the cooking, getting Mom in and out of bed, and running errands.  No word yet as to when the Japanese lady is leaving for an extended trip back to Japan for her granddaughter’s wedding, but in the meantime, I’ve gotten into two Lafayette events, the Mosey On Main St (14th) and the Gallery Walk (20th),  Mom and I have ‘found’ her desk; I’ve bagged things for a trip to Goodwill, and some items to send to my sister. I had a GREAT time at the InConJunction Convention, selling 8 books, plus signing two of the anthologies that my colleague brought.  Looking forward to attending again next year!

Girls Night Out! #MFRW #Authors #27

One of my favorite things to do is a Girls Night Out.  This can take several forms:

A)  Three or four of us dressing in ‘casual dressy’ clothes and going out to eat, then hitting a nightclub to dance, have a few drinks, and people-watch.  Observing which of my friends will get hit on, or who will be bought free drinks.  Only two of us are married, so it’s amusing to see men tripping over themselves to talk to my BFF, who’s very married, lol!  Admittedly, the last time this happened was eighteen years ago.  I think we’re due for another one.

B)  Getting together with friends for lunch, then window shopping, either at the Mall, or downtown.

C)  Setting up my booth at a craft fair/convention/book fair, then networking with fellow authors/vendors, meeting new people and sharing a meal or a drink afterward.

D)  Somewhat tame, but hanging out with the family at an amusement park, tourist attraction, or even a local event where I don’t have to cook.  Or just simply going out to dinner.

I’m easy to please….when I don’t have to cook or even clean up the kitchen!

What about you?  To see others’ idea of fun while dressed, go here.


I spent a week with my parents and learned that a) my mom basically can no longer walk; b) my father is experiencing knee pain in the same place as his surgery in March; and C) my father is sleep-deprived, since he normally goes to bed around 9 and gets up at 6.  My mom goes to bed around 12:30 or later, so he sleeps in shifts.  I’m able to get Mom up and put her to bed, so Dad’s gotten more sleep this week.  I might have to stay the rest of the month, until the lady my father drives around three days a week goes to Japan for a month or two.  

Also, this weekend, I’ll be at the InConJunction Convention in Indianapolis.  This will be my 1st official ‘Con’, so hoping it’s a positive learning experience.  Several other author friends will be there, so looking forward to selling lots of books and meeting new friends and readers!