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Hotel Stories, by The Vincennes Writers Group

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Night Wind,  Sweet Contemporary Romance:

Ten years ago, Jeni, a then-high school senior, helped future rock star Aiden Kross pay his transportation expenses by taking up a collection while he performed an impromptu concert in the park. Now an assistant manager at the Worthington Arms Hotel, Jeni again comes to Aiden’s aid when a thief attempts to steal his wallet.

Aiden is surprised when the pretty assistant manager quotes one of his first hits back to him, and realizes she’s a major fan. Will she accept his offer of a free ticket, or will she dismiss him as just another self-important rock star?

The other stories in this anthology include mainstream, paranormal, and maybe transgressive fiction.

Released Jan 2015

The Orion Anthology, by The Washington Authors Group

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Orion Anthology

Murder in Meeting Room Three, YA Murder-Mystery

Fifteen-year-old Tara is frustrated by the attitudes of the senior girls in charge of the writer’s group.  But when senior Rita Wilcox is murdered after the meeting, Tara tries to keep everyone calm until the authorities arrive.  The next day, she is puzzled by the blase’ attitude of the school.  Did no one care a student was brutally murdered?


Indiana Tribute Poems and Songs now available at http://www.cbyronbuckley.com/

My original poem, The Sounds of Indiana, is on pg 32:)

Crossroads Anthology by The River City Writers of Evansville

I have two stories in this collection:  Family Secrets and Confessions Over Cold Eggs

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Family Secrets:

Toni discovers a shocking secret about her dad after conducting an experiment for her biochemistry class.  What will she do with the information?

Confessions Over Cold Eggs:

Ainsley’s aunt is pressuring her to join the Mennonite Old Order, but she has other ambitions.  Will she find the courage to stand up to her family?

Whispers by The Vincennes Writers Group

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The Badass Fairies of the Wabash:

Trouble is brewing along the Wabash River.  A young fairy who’s recently released from Solitude, is rebelling against her new duties in the Three Bridges area.  When the High Council intervenes, will things improve?

Spirit Pottery:

Ciera is convinced her apartment is haunted by the ghost of her ex-boyfriend.  When she consults a medium, she is shocked to learn she has ghosts in her pottery studio as well.

Trevor is more than willing to help Ciera come to grips with her past.  Can he put his attraction aside to help an angry ghost with his unfinished business?

Dreamscapes Anthology

Released Aug 1st, 2019

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High Hopes:  

Two years earlier, Bailey fumed about the treatment she received from the so-called ‘popular girls’ at her 10th HS reunion.  When her boyfriend dumps her two weeks before a mini-reunion, she concocts a scheme for redemption.  Will she succeed, or will her hopes be dashed?

Bad Decisions Anthology

Released Oct 19, 2019

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Family Secrets:

Ten years ago, a horrific act scarred Austin Finch emotionally. When his sister Taylor moves back to town and unknowingly forces Austin to face his demons, will he find the courage to face his past? More importantly, will his family ever forgive him for the terrible decision he made three years ago?

Bridge Cover

Released November 2020

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Vivian’s Bridge:

A young girl learns her beloved county bridge is destined to be torn down and tries to save it.  Will she be successful?  Will anyone listen to a ten-year-old?

Rusty Bridge:

A reporter interviews a bridge…..and gets more than she bargained for!  How can a farm bridge in Indiana and a drawbridge in Florida be cousins?

Mixed Bag Correct Cover

Released November 2021

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Murder In Meeting Room 3:

Republished from the Orion Anthology, a murder has happened during a HS writer’s group!  Who killed Rita and why does Tara seem to be the only one noticing something strange?

Beach cover

Released November 2022

Available at Amazon

Finding Opal:

Opal was last seen in the Whispers Anthology. What has the rebellious fairy been up to, ever since being banished to spend time with the nymphs under Stonehenge?

Dream Date:

Two teenage girls, two college guys, one beach. A young girl’s introduction to romance.

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