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Hotel Stories, by The Vincennes Writers Group

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Night Wind,  Sweet Contemporary Romance:

Ten years ago, Jeni, a then-high school senior, helped future rock star Aiden Kross pay his transportation expenses by taking up a collection while he performed an impromptu concert in the park. Now an assistant manager at the Worthington Arms Hotel, Jeni again comes to Aiden’s aid when a thief attempts to steal his wallet.

Aiden is surprised when the pretty assistant manager quotes one of his first hits back to him, and realizes she’s a major fan. Will she accept his offer of a free ticket, or will she dismiss him as just another self-important rock star?

The other stories in this anthology include mainstream, paranormal, and maybe transgressive fiction.

Released Jan 2015


The Orion Anthology, by The Washington Authors Group

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Orion Anthology

Murder in Meeting Room Three, YA Murder-Mystery

Fifteen-year-old Tara is frustrated by the attitudes of the senior girls in charge of the writer’s group.  But when senior Rita Wilcox is murdered after the meeting, Tara tries to keep everyone calm until the authorities arrive.  The next day, she is puzzled by the blase’ attitude of the school.  Did no one care a student was brutally murdered?







Indiana Tribute Poems and Songs now available at http://www.cbyronbuckley.com/

My original poem, The Sounds of Indiana, is on pg 32:)






When we come to a crossroads, we have to make a decision. Which way do we go? Will it be the right choice? Is it about the road less taken or the choosing to put your hand into a mysterious box of doom? As a writing group, we decided that we wanted to put together an anthology and we wanted to select a common theme, a common thread, and that is how we came to the crossroads.

The journey has been long and plagued with unlucky distractions, illnesses, and crazy lives. We pushed and groaned and finally got our creative selves moving. Our own crossroads took us in dizzying directions. Then the time came to put our work together and show you, our reader, how we tackled that thing: the crossroad.

You will be entertained by a variety of types of literature. The short stories range from contemporary fiction to science fiction to poetry. We like to think we have a little bit of everything so that when you make your choice of what to read first, when you come to that crossroad, you will be taken on a journey that will fill your imagination with adventure, thrills, and more questions that don’t have answers.

I have two stories in this collection:  Family Secrets and Confessions Over Cold Eggs

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