Seven Days In Florida #MFRWAuthors #50

I know, I know….I’m extremely tardy with this week’s post!  My daily ‘to do’ list is getting shorter, as far as errands go, but now Mom has me decorating the house, which means dragging out every (and I mean EVERY) tote out of the storage area!  I’ve re  discovered ornaments, candles, and Santas from the past 40-50 years!

But I digress…..

This week’s topic is Fantasy Vacation. Since my goal is to keep this post short and sweet, I’ll sum it up in three words:

Disney World


I’d love to spend a day in each of the parks, (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and MGM), plus a day in Universal, a day in St. Pete, and of course, I’ll need a day in Ft. Myers/Naples area to see family.

Oh, who am I kidding?  I’ll take an entire week at Disney, a day or two at Universal, and another full week to travel around St. Pete, Sarasota, Ft. Meyers, and Naples, and then spend a day at Sea World, Busch Gardens, and even a return to Cypress Gardens.  Go see the manatees, and maybe even a trip to the Everglades.

What about you?  What’s your Fantasy Vacation?

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This past week has been insane, with temps in the 20s, and of course, those two days were the ones we had to do most of our errands….brrrrr!  My sister should have been here this week instead of me…..and next week’s supposed to be cold and snowy…..and of course, Mom has appointments on both Mon and Tues!  I look at the forecast and want to simply curl up and stay in bed.  Maybe the s-n-o-w will stay in Chicago???

How Do I Love Thee…. #MFRWAuthors #49

Age 12:  Will you be my girlfriend?

Age 15:  Will you go with me/wear my class ring?

Age 20:  I love you.

Age 30:  I love you/Honey, I did the dishes/did the laundry/I’ll take the kids to the movies while you get together with friends.

Age 40:  I picked up 10 lbs of meat and saved you a trip to the store.

Age 50:  I’ll fix dinner for you/Let’s go out to eat

Age 60:  I picked up your prescription/filled your pill tray/I’ll take the grandkids to the movies while you nap.

Age 70:  Honey, bought you a new wheelchair/walker/knee brace.  You’re health is my 1st priority.

What’s your take on keeping the romance alive, or even how a simple ‘I love you’ has evolved over the years?

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I’ve arrived back in Lafayette!  I’m not eligible for FMLA, since I’ve only been on the job for 9 months.  BUT….my boss can keep me off the schedule for 8 weeks, which might be good, since my sister can return for a week or two after the new year, which means I could go home and work for another week, then start the cycle again until my 1 year is up.  Anyway, going to be here for at least the next 2 months.