Christmas Countdown: 2 Days!

Chrome won’t let me post, and fifefox is being uncooperative, so here I am again:)

Saturday’s Karaoke party was a mixed bag of emotions. Technology failed on two counts: Friend BC skyped in, but couldn’t see us. We could see her, but hearing was difficult. Via text, I suggested we try the FB video chat. She texted back there was an error issue on her end and it wouldn’t install. Maybe we should have given this a trial run the night before, to make sure everything worked?

Song-wise, things were great! I was a little anxious at first when the rotation was an hour long already at 11pm, but a miracle occured at midnight: Everybody left, and the rotation went to four or five singers! So I was able to sing 8 songs:
Invincible (which BC heard via Skype)
Close My Eyed Forever
I Will Be
I Remember You
You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me
Black Cat

And my new camera failed me a little. I recorded 6 videos of the others, but it quit recording after only ten seconds of Pride, Close my Eyes, and I Will Be. So I deleted most of them, and was able to get Cher’s song and Black Cat recorded. But when I looked at at them last night, the lighting is very dark. So I may not upload them until I have a chance to play with the lighting. I was a little warbly on YHSTLOM.

I overslept on Sun, making it to church in time for the 9am practice.

Cookies baked: 23 Doz
Presents Bought/Wrapped: B-30? W-10
Cards sent: 50/52:)

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