Guilty Pleasures #MFRW #Authors #26

Prior to 2006, if someone had asked me what my favorite indulgence was, I’d have said books, shopping sprees to Circle Center Mall, and an aqua massage.  Also, lunch at Johnny Rockets or the food court, followed by an Irish Cream Latte at the Nordstrom Coffee Bar.

But we moved three hours from Indianapolis.

Nowadays, I’m more apt to enjoy the days where I kick everyone out of the house, so I can crank up the music and write, or catch up on the shows I’ve DVR’d.

Or spend an hour at the beauty shop, getting my hair bleached and the ‘peek-a-boo’ blue streaks added.

Or getting a pedicure.

When I go out of town for book signings or conferences, I enjoy window shopping, chatting with other authors or readers, and going out to eat that doesn’t include fast food.

Lately, two breweries have opened in our small community, and I’ve enjoyed attending both Grand Openings.

My dream is to one day have the income where I don’t have to plan my shopping trips so carefully and to be able to go out to eat whenever I want, instead of crunching the numbers to see if it’s going to upset the budget if I spend $40 on a couple of new books/shirts/shoes/outfit.

What about you?  What’s YOUR favorite indulgence?

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Proof I’m A Writer??? #MFRW #Authors #25

I was ten years old when I got my 1st diary.

Admittedly, I wasn’t faithful in writing in it, after ten days, since we were on vacation in Florida and when we got home, well, there just wasn’t that much interesting happening at home.  Over the next year, I’d record some hurtful incident at school, but when I discovered my younger sister had been reading it, well, that’s another story.

In the 7th grade, one of the things my English teacher required us to do was keep a small notebook and write a journal entry every day.  She didn’t want to read it; just wanted us to get in the habit.  She gave us fifteen minutes every day during class to write whatever we wanted, and the daily habit was my favorite part of the day.  Even after continuing onto the 8th grade, I carried that notebook with me and wrote whenever I could.  Unfortunately, I left it unattended one day, and it was passed around in class.  I learned a valuable lesson that day, and began leaving it at home.

Mom noticed my daily habit, and started buying me the leather-bound journals from the bookstore, and every year at Christmas, I got a new one.

In college, I found my discarded diary and began writing in it every day, since I knew I wouldn’t get a new journal for at least three more months.  But since it was small, I also began writing in a composition book, and told my mom I didn’t need the regular journal again.

After college, I had the misfortune of dating a guy who found my college memories, and verbally abused me until I voluntarily threw them away.  I’d love to go back in time and slap myself upside the head….some of my memories are only triggered by pictures, or stories when my BFF and I get together, or even the random memory will pop into my head.  Others are ingrained in my soul.

After I married, I kept up the habit here and there, especially after an argument.  In 2007, blogging became my ‘journal’, but only the extremely private things are written down somewhere else.  I’m really torn between putting in my will to have all these journals destroyed before I die, or leaving that provision out.  The private me is quite different from the public me, in some instances, and I don’t know if my kids will be horrified or thrilled to learn their mom WAS a rebel.

What about you?  Did you ever keep a diary or journal?

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This will be another busy weekend for me.  I’m having a yard sale tomorrow, then setting up my booth at my city’s 1st PRIDE celebration.  Sunday, I’m off to an Irish Festival.  See you next week!


Absolute Necessity #MFRW #Authors #24

It’s hard to pick just one item I absolutely cannot live without.  There’s my laptop, my Kindle, my phone, indoor plumbing, toilet paper, napkins.  My daily dose of Aleve.  My Bible.  Notebook and pen.

If I were about to be sent to a deserted island and could only take one item, what would I take?

A backpack stuffed with paper, pens, books, kleenex, sunscreen, and either MacGuyver or an Eagle Scout, because let’s face it; I wouldn’t last twenty-four hours on my own without the basic necessities.

Now I can whittle down that original list.  My Kindle can function as my laptop or even phone, since I could contact my sister via Messenger and have her call my parents.  Or, I could use my phone instead, I’d just need more storage to download the Kindle App.

If I had at least toilet paper, I can live w/o indoor plumbing for a few days.

Aleve?  Need it, unless there was a magical topical relief for my knees after two days.  Yeah, I’m getting old.

Bible:  If I had the Kindle app, I’d already have this.

But notebook and pen?  I don’t like to type on my phone for a long time, and more comfortable with the laptop of the old fashioned way.

So yeah…..I’m doomed.  I can’t choose just one.

My BFF a few years ago would have said ‘makeup’ or her hairdryer!

What about you?

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See you next week!

I’ll be at Celebration On Main tomorrow in Washington, In, so I’ll probably check in with everyone else’s posts on Monday:)  Have a great weekend!

Memories…..#MFRW #Authors #23

When I first saw this topic, back when I signed up for this challenge, I thought this week would be an easy one.  Turns out it’s not.

Do I pick the births of my 3 children?  My 1st trip to Disney?  My last trip to Disney?  My 1st book signing?  My 1st sale?  Any family vacation?  My wedding day?

Decisions, decisions.

Turns out I have too many fond memories over the years.  So rather than pick a conventional one, I’ll tell you about an unexpected kiss.

Date:  July 4, 1982:

Place:  Tapawingo Park, Lafayette, In

Two years earlier, my friends and I had discovered a tiny strip of sand near the Wabash River we dubbed our ‘beach’.  The 4th of July concert was a huge event when I was in high school, since it culminated with the 1812 Overture, complete with cannon fire, followed by the fireworks.

My friend D and I met at the ‘beach’ and soon our conversation took a somber turn.  I was bemoaning the fact my efforts to win my ex-boyfriend weren’t working; he was bemoaning the fact his girlfriend had dumped him three days earlier.  When it came time for the 1812, we quit griping about our love lives and went to enjoy the music.

After retrieving his lawn chair, D and I staked out our spot to watch the fireworks, and he pulled me onto his lap.  A good-humored game of ‘Sorry’ followed, and ended with me snuggled against his chest, our hands clasped.  Right after the finale, I struggled off his lap (reluctantly!), and was thrilled when he collapsed the chair, then took my hand again.  Right before we reached the parking lot, he leaned the chair against the silver barrier between grass and blacktop, and kissed me.

“Happy 4th of July.”

I don’t even think I responded, I was so shocked!  He walked me to my parents’ car (his parents had parked not too far from mine), and squeezed my hand again before continuing on to his.

I’d love to say we officially became a couple, but we didn’t.  Life took us in opposite directions, though we did stay good friends.  You know hindsight’s 20/20; I’d love to go back in time and see where a possible relationship would have taken us.

Want to see more memories?  What’s YOU favorite memory?

I’m off to a baby shower tomorrow; my oldest granddaughter is due July 16th.  If you’re a follower of my other blog, you know this is Miss Drama Queen (MDQ I dubbed her this when she was four, ha ha!), and like my youngest daughter, is the LAST female I would ever expect to procreate!  But baby Phoenix (boy) will make his arrival soon, and I hope to meet him in September.