Chores I Detest….#MFRW #Authors #11

Going to try to keep this brief; I misread the topic and actually wrote next week’s post!  So that’s one last thing I have to do next week….

If I never had to dust, clean toilets/bathtubs/showers, wash dishes by hand, or run the vacuum, I’d be a happy lady:)  Or, if it’s writerly chores, I’d love to have a never-ending supply of ink for the printer, a computer that doesn’t crash, and a built-in editor so I’d never have to pay for editing services.

Sometimes, it would be nice to give up sleep, so I could get everything accomplished…just kidding.

It would also nice to have that steady flow of income, so cooking would be an optional thing, not something I’d have to do every day.  Because let’s face it; when I’m ‘in the zone’, the last thing I want to do is stop and fix dinner!

I’m headed down to Nashville, TN for the day, to see several authors friends I’ve not seen in two years, then on Saturday, I’ll be in Indianapolis for the day at the Wanderlust In Indy book signing.  To add to the confusion, my dad had knee surgery on Wednesday, so this week has been rather hectic.

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See you next week!


“Bacon Powder Biscuits” #MFRW #Authors #10

I was stumped this week, trying to recall something that was so unique about my family, only the five of us would understand.  About to give up, I even began to title this post ‘The Shelter For Dysfunctional Felines” because, well, back in 1991, our four kittens were rather dysfunctional!  We had Rosie, the Identity-Crisis one, because for the first six months of his/her life, we thought s/he was girl, only to discover the boy parts one sunny day in September.   Tag, born second, was our Abuse Victim, since the first time he ventured out of the box, my husband accidentally stepped on him, bloodying his tiny nose.  Gizmo, who would later prove to be the only female of the bunch, was our Incest Victim, when Tag’s hormones kicked in, and he tried to get some.  Giz went off to the vet the next day!  Finally Tiger, the baby, was our Eating Disorder ‘child’….I made the mistake of giving him an egg, and he decided he preferred it to his kitten chow.

“So why the title change?”

I was trying to think of a catch-phrase, or incident, much like the inside jokes my oldest friends and I have, and suddenly it it hit me.  Something that I am constantly teased about whenever my hubby decides to make homemade biscuits.

For the record, I was raised in northern Indiana, and I ended up marrying a farm boy from the southern end of the state.  Early in our relationship, he mentioned making the biscuits, and I’ll admit, this is either the first time my hearing loss reared its ugly head, or I simply didn’t understand his accent.

For what I HEARD was ‘bacon powder biscuits’, and after puzzling over it for a few moments, asked him how they were made.  Was it made of crushed bacon bits, or did he fry up the bacon extra crispy, in order to grind it into powder?  I was pretty sure I’d never seen it in the store.

He stared at me.

“What the hell are you talking about?  Ever hear of Clabber Girl ‘bacon’ powder?”

The light bulb went off in my brain.

“Oh, you mean BAKING POWDER!”

“That’s what I said!  BAKIN’ Powder!”


Go ahead, laugh at me.  There’s your Friday chuckle!

When I posed the question online, about today’s topic, a friend reminded me about my dad’s job….he worked for Frito-Lay, so we got to test the new chips that might or might not make it.  We enjoyed Sun Chips, Funyuns, and Wavy Lays before they hit the store shelves:)

As she so aptly put it….”One-off new types of prototype chips”

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In other news, it’s Kenzie’s birthday week!  She officially turned TEN YEARS old March 5th.  She’s also ahead in the book release count; 12 to Molly’s 10.  Not too shabby for a pen name that’s technically not supposed to read her own work, lol…..


Facebook reminded me this morning that NiKoh’s Chosen is about to turn three years old:)  Answer this easy-peasy question and you’ll be given a chance at a free download:  What is NiKoh’s job?  Leave me your contact info in the comments.

HINT:  Answer can be found in the blurb either at the Amazon link or on The Chosen page of this website.


Catching Up #MFRW #Authors #8 and 9

Did you miss me last week?  Or didn’t even notice?  That’s fine too….truthfully, the week got away from me.  I arrived back home and was plunged into family drama.  I didn’t even get online until Saturday!  So here’s my *brief* catch up post:

Worst writing advice I’ve gotten:

Probably the 2nd publisher/editor I had.  I was questioning everything I’d learned, from dialogue tags to sentence structure.  In desperation, I sent one particular paragraph to my 1st editor, with the following plea:

“Am I just being a diva, or do I have a legitimate complaint about her editing skills?”

Thankfully, an answer popped up within the hour.

“She must be using a 1st grade editing manual.  You’re right; stick to your guns.”

That 2nd editor argued with me at one point, so I told her I’d consulted others, and would take the heat if anyone complained about that one scene, and the way it was written.  To date, NO ONE HAS!

That company folded two years later, and I sent my original MS to another publisher, and I’m happy to say it is now PROPERLY edited!

What would I invent if stuck on an island?

Given my current survival skills, probably a method of writing on dried leaves with berry juice and a pointed stick.  If you mean my FICTIONAL survival skills, then of course I would make a two-way radio out of a coconut, AND be able to fix my broken boat, plus be able to concoct delicious meals from whatever I found on said island.

Unless I managed to be stuck on an island where civilization was just on the other side…..and by civilization I mean a 5-star resort!

Yeah, I suck at survival… read better posts, go here, and I’ll try to be more entertaining next week.

Provided no more family drama happens.