Interested in meeting me in person?  I’ll update this page as my schedule unfolds.

2020 was a huge disappointment, with everything cancelled!  Here’s hoping 2021 will be better!



1st:  Toyota Event Center, Princeton, In  Sold 1.  We were competing with three other local events.

15th:  Elwood Home and Garden Show, Elwood, In, 9-3  Sold 9!!!

Total:  9


5th:  Quad Con, Peoria, IA



2-4th:  InConJunction, Indpls, In 21st and Shadeland Ave, Marriott East

9-11th:  Imaginarium, Louisville, Ky

20th:  Heroes For Kids, Perrysville, Mo

30th-Aug 1st:  Superman Festival, Metropolis, IL



9th: Royal Readers, Mall of America, Bloomington, Mn

-Indpls State Fair (TBA)



Penned Con  St. Louis, Mo Cancelled; however, going virtual again



16th:Kokomo Con (Oct 16) Kokomo, In Same weekend as ComicCon; will see about selling my table

15-17th: Indy ComicCon, Indianapolis Convention Center

??Collectors Carnival and Crafts, Princeton, In



???Indpls Christmas Gift and Hobby Show  Indpls State Fairgrounds




18th:  StoryCon, Benton Co Public Library, Fowler, In, 10am-2pm Sold 1:)


21st:  Book Lovers Convention, Opryland Hotel, Nashville, TN (strictly as a reader) Cancelled, due to Corona Virus


11th:  Kentuckiana Author Fair, La Grange, KY (pending) OR Indy Comic Con, Indpls Convention Center Cancelled, due to Corona Virus

17-19th:  Weekend With The Authors, Airport Marriott, Nashville, TN, Sci-Fi Room Cancelled, due to Covid-19, and Rescheduled for June 2021

25th:  Pen It Writing Conference, Nashville, In Cancelled, due to CV; rescheduled???


20th:  Pride On The Wabash, Vincennes Riverwalk, Vincennes, In 4-cl ????  May not include vendors at this time

21st:  Corning Irish Fest, Corning, In ??? Cancelled.


3-5th:  InConJunction, Mariott Hotel 21st and Shadeland, Indianapolis, In Cancelled, due to CV.

10-12th:  Imaginarium Convention, Louisville, KY Cancelled, but doing a Virtual event in Sept 21-27th.  Not sure if I can participate or not; will have to check schedule.

18th:  Heroes For Kids, Perrysville, MO Cancelled


8th:  Royal Readers, Mall of America, Bloomington, MN Cancelled

8th:  Vincennes Watermelon Festival  Sold 22!!!!

10-22nd:  State Fair, tentatively Mon Aug 10, 3-9pm; Tues Aug 11, 9-9pm; Wed Aug 12, 9-3pm Cancelled


11-12th:  Cil-Con, Crosstown Mall, Mattoon, Il Cancelled

17-20th:  Penned Con, St. Louis, MO Cancelled in-person, but went virtual.  No sales

26th:  Non-Con, Middletown, OH Sold 6:)


17th:  Kokomo Con, Kokomo, IN  Sold 6:)


11-15th:  Indpls Christmas Toy and Hobby Show, Indpls State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis, In Cancelled

14th:  Rivet Craft Fair, Highland Woods, Vincennes, In  Cancelled

14th:  Posey Co. Craft Fair??

Total:  (11/2:  49)



16th:  Vision Comics, Robinson, Ill Decided to wait a year; something came up


4-5th:  Spring Vendor Fest, East side park, Washington, In Fri 4-8pm, Sat 9-3pm  Sold 1

20th:  Independent Author Fair, La Grange, KY 10-4pm Sold 1

27th:  North HS, Evansville, In Sat  9-3Pm Sold 1

Total:  3


3rd:  1st Friday Art Walk, 4th and Main Vincennes, In 5-9pm Sold 1

25th:  Farmer’s Market, Vincennes, In 7am-1pm  Sold 5:)

Total:  6


7th:  1st Friday Art Walk/Spring On Main 4th and Main Vincennes, In 5-9pm Sold 3:)

15th:  Celebrate Main Washington, In 10-2pm Rain caused us to break down an hour early, but still sold 1 and gave one to the nice gentleman who helped me unload my truck!

22nd:  Pride on the Wabash, Riverfront Walkway, Vincennes, In 4-9pm Sold 7:)

23rd:  Corning Irish Fair, Corning, In 2-6pm Sold 0….rained arrived as soon as I’d set up inside the church and the outside canopy collapsed.

29th: McCutcheon Class Reunion, Sgt Preston’s, Lafayette, In 6-?  Sold 2:)  Only five of us showed up at Sgt. Preston’s.

Total:  13


5-7th:  InConJunction Indianapolis Mariott Hotel, 21st and Shadeland Ave Fri:  3-7pm; Sat:  10-6; Sun: 10-3pm Sold 10!

19-20th:  35th Class Reunion, Lafayette, In Fri:  Sgt. Preston’s, 7-?; Sat:  Tour of JHS (pending), MCL 6pm, Neon Cactus 8-? Sold 11:)

26th:  Book signing with Brian K. Morris at Villainous Grounds Coffee Shop, TBA  Cancelled; instead became a Meet-n-Greet before HFK

27th:  Heroes For Kids, Perrysville, MO, 9-6pm Sold 0, but handed out a lot of cards and spoke to many people

Total:  21


2-3rd:  Vincennes Watermelon Festival Fri 5-9pm; Sat 9-6pm Not in budget this year, but WILL be at 1st Friday Art Walk in front of Open Gallery on Friday from 5-9pm!  Sold 2:)

6-7th:  Indiana State Fair, Author’s Showcase at Hoosier Lottery Expo Hall (a/c!), 6th:  3-9pm 0 sales; 7th:  9-pm Sold 9!; 8th:  9-9pm Sold 9! Total: 18!!

10th:  Collector’s Carnival, Gibson Co Fairgrounds, Princeton, In 9-4pm  Find me in Industrial Building #1! Sold 4:)

17th:  Royal Touch Readers, Mall of America, Minneapolis, MN 10-5pm Sold 5:)

Total:  29


6-7th:  Cil-Con, Cross Country Mall, Mattoon, Il Friday:  3-9pm; Sat:  10-8pm  Sold 2:)

14th:  Saints and Sinners Indy Author Event, 21st and Shadeland Ave 12-5pm  Sold 2:)

28-29th:  Saluki-Con,  SIU Carbondale, Il Sat:  10-5pm; Sun:  10-5pm  Sold 7:)

Total:  11


4th:  1st Friday Art Walk (pending) Couldn’t get off work, due to being short-staffed.

11th:  Imaginarium, Louisville, KY  Fri:  3-7pm 0 sales; Sat 9-6pm Sold 2; Sun, 9-5pm Sold 2:)  Total:  4, plus even trade with another author.

18th:  Farmer’s Market, 8-1pm Sold 3:)

26th:  Collectors Carnival, Gibson Co. Fairgrounds 9-4 pm Find me in Industrial Building #1! Sold 2:)

Total:  10


1st:  1st Friday Art Walk, 4th and Main, Vincennes, 5-9pm Sold 1:)

6-9th:  Indianapolis Toy and Hobby Show, Indiana State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis, In, Wed-Th: 3-9pm; Fr-Sat, 3:30-10pm Wed:  Sold 4; Thurs:  Sold 3; Fri:  Sold 13 (WOW!); Sat:  Sold 8; Sun: Sold 1.  Total:  29!!!  Personal best!

16th:  Rivet Craft Fair, Highland Woods Community Center, Vincennes, 9-4pm  Sold 10; Nancy sold 5, for a collective total of 15, which matches last year’s booth total:)

23-24:  Jasper Craft Fair, Jasper, In (Saturday pending; my cousin’s wedding is same day!) Did not attend, due to my father’s untimely passing.

Total:  40


6th:  1st Friday Art Walk, 4th and Main, Vincennes, 5-9pm (pending) DNA

7th:  WCC Christmas Craft Fair, Vincennes, 10-5pm (pending) DNA

2019 Total:  137 (had 4 other personal sales not included in this list)

Came up a little short of my 150 goal, but with taking a part-time job this year and other obstacles, I’m happy with the outcome.  Maybe 2020 will be the year I attain the 150 books sold goal?  Stay tuned!