Interested in meeting me in person?  I’ll update this page as my schedule unfolds.

2021 was a HUGE improvement!  What will 2022 hold?



Saluki Con (Carbondale, Il):


SI Con, Benton, IL

Big River Comics, Hannibal, MO:


Elwood Home and Garden Show, Elwood, In

Weekend With The Authors, Nashville, TN

Indy Comic Con?


Peoria Con, Peoria, IA

Superman Celebration



Daviess Co Wine and Art???


InConJunction:  Skipping this year, due to work conflict??

Imaginarium, Louisville, KY

Heroes For Kids, Perrysville, MO


Royal Readers, Mall of America, Bloomingtoon, MN

State Fair



Penned Con



1st City Music Fest

Indy Comic Con??

Collectors, Carnival, and Crafts??


Indy Christmas Toy and Hobby Show

Rivet Craft Show

2020 was a huge disappointment, with everything cancelled!  Here’s hoping 2021 will be better!



1st:  Toyota Event Center, Princeton, In  Sold 1.  We were competing with three other local events.

15th:  Elwood Home and Garden Show, Elwood, In, 9-3  Sold 9!!!

Total:  9


5th:  Quad Con, Peoria, IA Sold 6!!

Total: 6


2-4th:  InConJunction, Indpls, In 21st and Shadeland Ave, Marriott East Sold 8!! Two less than last year, but think traffic was down, due to the pandemic restrictions…

9-11th:  Imaginarium, Louisville, Ky Sold 6!!!  Sales have improved at this convention; 2 more than 2019:)

20th:  Heroes For Kids, Perrysville, Mo Sold 6 and donated one:) MUCH better than 2019!

30th-Aug 1st:  Superman Festival, Metropolis, IL Sold 19!!  4 Fri; 9 Sat; and 6 on Sunday.  I WILL be back!

Total:  39


9th: Royal Readers, Mall of America, Bloomington, Mn Sold 5; one less than 2019, but think attendance was down.  Plus, we had to wear the damn masks, and my body disagreed with the Qdoba lunch.

-Indpls State Fair 11-13th: 11:  2; 12:  5; 13:  4 Total:  11

18-20th:  18:  8; 19:  5; 20:  6  Total:  19  Combined total:  30 sold!

Total:  35


Penned Con  St. Louis, Mo Cancelled; however, going virtual again

Harrisburg, PA (TBD) Decided not to go this year.

SI Con (Benton, Il) 18th:  Sold 8:)

Non-Con (Middletown, OH) 25-26th:  Sold 1; attendance was way down.

Total:  9


1-3:  First City Music Festival, Vincennes:  Sold 10:)

15-17th: Indy ComicCon, Indianapolis Convention Center Sold 18:)

30th:  Collectors Carnival and Crafts, Princeton, In  Sold 8:)

Total:  36


10-14th:  Indpls Christmas Gift and Hobby Show  Indpls State Fairgrounds



11th:  Writer’s Block Author Fair, Franklin Park Mall, Toledo, OH




18th:  StoryCon, Benton Co Public Library, Fowler, In, 10am-2pm Sold 1:)


21st:  Book Lovers Convention, Opryland Hotel, Nashville, TN (strictly as a reader) Cancelled, due to Corona Virus


11th:  Kentuckiana Author Fair, La Grange, KY (pending) OR Indy Comic Con, Indpls Convention Center Cancelled, due to Corona Virus

17-19th:  Weekend With The Authors, Airport Marriott, Nashville, TN, Sci-Fi Room Cancelled, due to Covid-19, and Rescheduled for June 2021

25th:  Pen It Writing Conference, Nashville, In Cancelled, due to CV; rescheduled???


20th:  Pride On The Wabash, Vincennes Riverwalk, Vincennes, In 4-cl ????  May not include vendors at this time

21st:  Corning Irish Fest, Corning, In ??? Cancelled.


3-5th:  InConJunction, Mariott Hotel 21st and Shadeland, Indianapolis, In Cancelled, due to CV.

10-12th:  Imaginarium Convention, Louisville, KY Cancelled, but doing a Virtual event in Sept 21-27th.  Not sure if I can participate or not; will have to check schedule.

18th:  Heroes For Kids, Perrysville, MO Cancelled


8th:  Royal Readers, Mall of America, Bloomington, MN Cancelled

8th:  Vincennes Watermelon Festival  Sold 22!!!!

10-22nd:  State Fair, tentatively Mon Aug 10, 3-9pm; Tues Aug 11, 9-9pm; Wed Aug 12, 9-3pm Cancelled


11-12th:  Cil-Con, Crosstown Mall, Mattoon, Il Cancelled

17-20th:  Penned Con, St. Louis, MO Cancelled in-person, but went virtual.  No sales

26th:  Non-Con, Middletown, OH Sold 6:)


17th:  Kokomo Con, Kokomo, IN  Sold 6:)


11-15th:  Indpls Christmas Toy and Hobby Show, Indpls State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis, In Cancelled

14th:  Rivet Craft Fair, Highland Woods, Vincennes, In  Cancelled

14th:  Posey Co. Craft Fair??

Total:  (11/2:  49)



16th:  Vision Comics, Robinson, Ill Decided to wait a year; something came up


4-5th:  Spring Vendor Fest, East side park, Washington, In Fri 4-8pm, Sat 9-3pm  Sold 1

20th:  Independent Author Fair, La Grange, KY 10-4pm Sold 1

27th:  North HS, Evansville, In Sat  9-3Pm Sold 1

Total:  3


3rd:  1st Friday Art Walk, 4th and Main Vincennes, In 5-9pm Sold 1

25th:  Farmer’s Market, Vincennes, In 7am-1pm  Sold 5:)

Total:  6


7th:  1st Friday Art Walk/Spring On Main 4th and Main Vincennes, In 5-9pm Sold 3:)

15th:  Celebrate Main Washington, In 10-2pm Rain caused us to break down an hour early, but still sold 1 and gave one to the nice gentleman who helped me unload my truck!

22nd:  Pride on the Wabash, Riverfront Walkway, Vincennes, In 4-9pm Sold 7:)

23rd:  Corning Irish Fair, Corning, In 2-6pm Sold 0….rained arrived as soon as I’d set up inside the church and the outside canopy collapsed.

29th: McCutcheon Class Reunion, Sgt Preston’s, Lafayette, In 6-?  Sold 2:)  Only five of us showed up at Sgt. Preston’s.

Total:  13


5-7th:  InConJunction Indianapolis Mariott Hotel, 21st and Shadeland Ave Fri:  3-7pm; Sat:  10-6; Sun: 10-3pm Sold 10!

19-20th:  35th Class Reunion, Lafayette, In Fri:  Sgt. Preston’s, 7-?; Sat:  Tour of JHS (pending), MCL 6pm, Neon Cactus 8-? Sold 11:)

26th:  Book signing with Brian K. Morris at Villainous Grounds Coffee Shop, TBA  Cancelled; instead became a Meet-n-Greet before HFK

27th:  Heroes For Kids, Perrysville, MO, 9-6pm Sold 0, but handed out a lot of cards and spoke to many people

Total:  21


2-3rd:  Vincennes Watermelon Festival Fri 5-9pm; Sat 9-6pm Not in budget this year, but WILL be at 1st Friday Art Walk in front of Open Gallery on Friday from 5-9pm!  Sold 2:)

6-7th:  Indiana State Fair, Author’s Showcase at Hoosier Lottery Expo Hall (a/c!), 6th:  3-9pm 0 sales; 7th:  9-pm Sold 9!; 8th:  9-9pm Sold 9! Total: 18!!

10th:  Collector’s Carnival, Gibson Co Fairgrounds, Princeton, In 9-4pm  Find me in Industrial Building #1! Sold 4:)

17th:  Royal Touch Readers, Mall of America, Minneapolis, MN 10-5pm Sold 5:)

Total:  29


6-7th:  Cil-Con, Cross Country Mall, Mattoon, Il Friday:  3-9pm; Sat:  10-8pm  Sold 2:)

14th:  Saints and Sinners Indy Author Event, 21st and Shadeland Ave 12-5pm  Sold 2:)

28-29th:  Saluki-Con,  SIU Carbondale, Il Sat:  10-5pm; Sun:  10-5pm  Sold 7:)

Total:  11


4th:  1st Friday Art Walk (pending) Couldn’t get off work, due to being short-staffed.

11th:  Imaginarium, Louisville, KY  Fri:  3-7pm 0 sales; Sat 9-6pm Sold 2; Sun, 9-5pm Sold 2:)  Total:  4, plus even trade with another author.

18th:  Farmer’s Market, 8-1pm Sold 3:)

26th:  Collectors Carnival, Gibson Co. Fairgrounds 9-4 pm Find me in Industrial Building #1! Sold 2:)

Total:  10


1st:  1st Friday Art Walk, 4th and Main, Vincennes, 5-9pm Sold 1:)

6-9th:  Indianapolis Toy and Hobby Show, Indiana State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis, In, Wed-Th: 3-9pm; Fr-Sat, 3:30-10pm Wed:  Sold 4; Thurs:  Sold 3; Fri:  Sold 13 (WOW!); Sat:  Sold 8; Sun: Sold 1.  Total:  29!!!  Personal best!

16th:  Rivet Craft Fair, Highland Woods Community Center, Vincennes, 9-4pm  Sold 10; Nancy sold 5, for a collective total of 15, which matches last year’s booth total:)

23-24:  Jasper Craft Fair, Jasper, In (Saturday pending; my cousin’s wedding is same day!) Did not attend, due to my father’s untimely passing.

Total:  40


6th:  1st Friday Art Walk, 4th and Main, Vincennes, 5-9pm (pending) DNA

7th:  WCC Christmas Craft Fair, Vincennes, 10-5pm (pending) DNA

2019 Total:  137 (had 4 other personal sales not included in this list)

Came up a little short of my 150 goal, but with taking a part-time job this year and other obstacles, I’m happy with the outcome.  Maybe 2020 will be the year I attain the 150 books sold goal?  Stay tuned!