Friday Ramblings


Look what arrived in yesterday’s mail! *Does Happy Dance*
Currently Reading: Still on Moosed Up:) Finished Fracas and enjoyed most of the short stories. If you’re in the mood for something a little different, pick this one up when the 2nd edition arrives! I’m promised it will be better:) Also started Rick Kelsheimer’s The Lost Slab and I had to force myself to put this down after Ch. 5. Otherwise, I’d have never gone to bed. And began reading Quixotic:)

Karaoke Update:
I’m making progress on my ‘D’ titles!
On the 17th, at BC Brown’s Sayonara Karaoke Party, I sang four songs:
-Black Velvet (Alannah Myles) Nailed it!
-Dress You Up (Madonna) Eh, so-so
-Drops of Jupiter (Train) I thought it was good:)
-Jolene (Dolly Parton) Changed the words to ‘Phoenix’ and did well! I sooo need to add this to my warm up list!

Last week, I sang the following:
-The Night the Lights Went out in Georgia (Reba) Very good!
-Dream A Little Dream of Me (Mama Cass) Bleh….too low and someone had turned off the mike at the bottom; took me half the 1st verse to figure it out. Might try this again at some point though…
-Dream On (Aerosmith) Sang this with Karaoke Jim, and thought it went well. In two weeks, I’ll sing it solo and see how I sound.

Tomorrow, I’ll be singing
-Dark Lady (Cher)
-Dream Lover (Bobby Darin)
-Dream Weaver (Gary Wright)
-Dreams (Fleetwood Mac)
-Don’t Pay The Ferry Man (Chris DeBurg)

One more week and I’ll be into the ‘E’ titles!!!

Have a wonderful 3-day weekend and I’ll be back next week!


Currently Reading: Finished Kalaidescope Summer; it was long and the story was good. I had trouble keeping the POV straight, since a) I only got to read it when the daughter let me use the kindle and 2) the POV was in 1st person and switched every chapter. I probably would have given this a higher rating, had I read it in a few days, not an entire month. On the other hand, I LOVED Saltwater Kisses by Krista Lakes! Wonderful sweet Cinderella-like story and a Definite Recommended Read! Now I’m enjoying Moosed Up by Tiffanie Helmer. I’m going to go ahead and call this one a Recommended Read also; I laughed all the way through the first two chapters! Can hardly wait to read the rest of it:)

Also finally finiished Kathleen Woodiwiss’s The Reluctant Suiter. The only good thing about this was at the end, I noticed two more books of hers I’d not known existed, the sequels to The Flame and the Flower. One is Jeff’s story (Brandon’s brother) and the other is Beau’s (Brandon and Heather’s son). Looking forward to getting both of these and catching up with the Birminghams!

I’m in the process of finding my motivation and getting back to work on any of three projects. Plus, I’ll be at a local Wine and Art Festival tomorrow night, so am making sure all my promo is in order. Really don’t have much to say, other than if Amanda doesn’t watch it on Big Brother, she’ll find herself out the door. Her plan to save Andy from the chopping block kinda backfired on her. But kudos to winning the Power of Veto! Hoping Aaryn goes home tonight.

I like ‘McCranda’, no matter what everyone else thinks. I’m hoping McCrae wins this thing. Get Elissa and Gina Marie out of there, pronto!

HDH #20


Welcome back to the Hump Day madness we all know and love:) Click the link for the other participating authors.

Today I’m taking you back to the 1st day of college; the day you meet your roommate(s) and wonder if you’ll get along. Enjoy!

Love On The Rocks Cover (5)

The door to 135 stood ajar and Elicia could hear music playing. Elicia gathered her courage and pushed open the door to slight chaos. On one side of the room, Van Halen rocked from a large boom box as a short, brown-haired girl stood on a chair, taping posters on the wall. On the other side, a tall, slim, blonde-haired girl hung clothes in her closet. A cooler of soft drinks stood open on an empty desk. Elicia checked both sides of the room wondering which side would be the better choice. The blonde girl caught her eye.

“Hi, I’m Gretchen McLaren.” She shoved her shoulder length hair out of her eyes. “Are you Stephanie or Alicia?”

“Elicia. It’s spelled with an E.” Why couldn’t my parents have named me something easy to pronounce?

“I see. Whew, I guess this is semi-awkward. Keri! Elicia’s arrived.” Gretchen darted past her to the other side and soon Van Halen silenced.

“Hi, I’m Keri Patterson. Come on in and make yourself at home.” The girl climbed down from the chair. “The burning question…do you want the bed by the window or the hallway?”

Elicia wavered only an instant. She had spoken to Gretchen; she’d start on her side of the room. “I’ll take the window.”

Love On The Rocks is available at Sweet Cravings, Amazon, and B&N.

Big Announcement!




Love Weighs In Has Arrived!!!
What happens when your roommates are pencil-slim without trying, and you gain a dress size by looking at chocolate?  Susan Best struggles with her self-esteem after a bad break up.  She diets in the wrong manner, and soon it’s almost out of control.  When love sneaks up on her, can she accept the truth her man loves her, not the number on her clothes?

Travis Freeman was instrumental in jump-starting Susan’s singing career.  But he didn’t count on the dark side of being in the spotlight, and stands by helpless as the woman he loves spirals out of control.  But after alerting her friends to the problem, he risks losing her altogether.

Jamie watched his identical twin brother Rob break Susan’s heart.  Thrilled by the fact their friendship is rekindled, he appoints himself her personal body guard during their summer job.  But when he kisses her, is she picturing his brother?


“We’re getting a better response when you’re out in front, Susan. Do you think we can split up the lead on the next set? I’ll sing the first verse and you the second. We can switch back and forth after that.”
Susan hesitated. “Do you think it will work?”
Glenn nodded. “Hell, yes. The boys love you out there, and the manager’s thrilled. The more they dance and yell, the thirstier they get. Ergo, the more drinks they buy.”
“Ergo?” Susan laughed. “I didn’t think you knew that word.”
“I’m a man of many hidden talents, my dear.” He saluted her with his beer.
Susan downed her ice water. “Let’s try it. It can’t hurt, and like Glenn says, they’re all drunk now, anyway. I doubt they’d notice if we flubbed up.”
“You’re not going to flub up in front of us, are you?” teased a familiar voice. Susan looked up in surprise as Gretchen, Shawn, Amy, Brad, Caitlyn, and Peter approached.
“Hi, guys.” Happy to see them, she stood up and hugged her friends. “No, we’re just talking about making a slight change in the last set.” She introduced the band members.
“We just got here. Let’s go find a table and get a round of drinks. Break a leg, kids.” Gretchen ushered the rest toward the bar.
Susan excused herself to use the rest room and overheard a disturbing conversation between two other girls.
“…can’t believe she’d have the guts. I mean, did you see the size of her thighs? And that shirt. Good lord. You’d think people who pork out like that would have the decency not to tuck their shirts in like that.” A toilet flushed.
“I know, and can you believe her voice? I sing better than that in the shower.” Water running and the hand dryer drowned out the voices.
Are they talking about me? I’m not leaving until I know they’re both gone. She peeked through the crack between the stall door and the wall and saw the two girls touching up their makeup.
“She needs to get with the times.  The Madonna look is so three years ago.”
“At least she’s not wearing a miniskirt.” Their voices disappeared as the door slammed closed.
Stunned, Susan left her stall. She looked at her reflection in the wavy mirror and studied herself. They’re right, I am a fat slob. My stomach has this bulge at the zipper, instead of being nice and flat. She stuck out her tongue and washed her hands. And my thighs do look awful in these jeans. Why oh why did I even wear them?
Because you were in a hurry. You were so happy after messing around with Travis, you forgot to be careful with what you wore tonight. Now people are talking about you!
How can I get up on that stage and wow them for another ninety minutes? They don’t want to see me or hear me. I heard that woman! I sing like I’m tone-deaf or something! Susan brushed aside the few tears. I’ve got to get back out there and fake it. Nobody’s forcing me to continue after tonight. I’ll finish this last set, even though my friends are out there, hearing us for the first time.
Releasing TODAY at Secret Cravings Publishing! 

And since it wouldn’t be release day without a contest, answer this question: What was Susan drinking?


August Catch Up And Reading Schedule

Currently Reading:  Finished Just Like Heaven and LOVED it!  Recommended Read:)  Also read Pretending He’s Mine by Lauren Blakely, and had trouble putting it down.  Another Recommended Read!  Now I’m on Chapter 3 of Kalaidescope Summer by Rita Garcia.  This one’s in 1st person, which usually turns me off, but so far it’s enjoyable:)

July Recap:
I spent most of July in the Editing Zone.  We also straightened out the issue with our daughter, and looked forward to a relaxing vacation in Colorado.

And then I learned Kenzie would be on a Review Tour the same week!  I preposted her blog and left an update on mine, to help with the promo.  I think it worked; she had a total of 43 comments and the reviews were all good.

Vacation was relaxing, and I did get about 100 words written while in a peaceful spot by the river.  But most of my time was in videographer mode, since my mom came down with altitude sickness, then her body reacted to the previous 2-week stress.  Result, she could not be far from her hotel room the entire week.  So I decided to give her a virtual vacation and filmed nearly everything we did, so she could watch it at the end of the day.  We made her room ‘Vacation Central’, and checked in 1st thing in the morning, then after every activity, and again in the evening.  So even if she couldn’t participate, she didn’t feel left out!

Books Read:  16 
           Print:  6
E-book:  10
DNF:  1

Thyroid meds were boosted, and made an appointment with my Indpls dr for a 2nd opinion.  Am also scheduled for a sleep schedule in September, fun fun.

Minor Vacation Gripe:  
I’d saved 15 books on my Kindle for the trip, only to have it confiscated by my daughter, who read BC Brown’s books and played games on it.  She also switched it to her FB account.  I know what I’m getting her for Christmas!!

August Reading Schedule:
Paradise Hops-Liz Crowe Very good!  RR
Plotting To Win-Tara Chevrestt Wonderful story!  DRR
Tansy Taylor-Kathy LaMee Bleh.  Too long, too many spelling and punctuation errors.
Just Like Heaven-Barbara Bretton Wonderful story!  RR
Pretending He’s Mine-Lauren Blakely Another wonderful one!  RR
Kalaidescope Summer- Rita Garcia
Legacy of Lies-Cindy Christianson
Saltwater Kisses- Krista Lakes
Moosed Up-Tiffinie Helmer
Sex Ed-Mia Watts
Sweet Redemption-Nicole Morgan
The Color of Grace-Linda Kage
Rush To The Alter-Jamie Carie
How To Resist Prince Charming-Linda Kage
Roping Love-Tamara Hoffa

Publishing Efforts:
Love Weighs In releases soon, and I still have to find the notebook which has the address and phone number of the eating disorder clinic I called in order to research this topic.  I also read several books and interviewed one of my adopted teens, who saw what was going on in her school.  The counselor pooh-poohed her observations, but I kept it in the book.
Back To School!
School began last Friday (idiotic, I know…) and have decided to resume the walking.  The SU and I did 14 blocks today, so we’ll see how far we work up to.  I’d like to resume my 3 miles, but he’s not up to that level yet.
Believe it or not, I started another wip while on vacation, and over the weekend the character sketch ‘fleshed out’ in my brain for the heroine.  I know how they’re going to meet; what their initial conflict will be; just don’t know when I’ll get around to writing it.  We need to get a regular schedule first, since I seem to spend 2 hours every morning on the business side of my job.  Then I need to get up and stretch, and do the Mommy/Grandma/Wife job.
I wish I could just go to an outside office every morning.  There are too many distractions here.
Anyway, starting tomorrow, I’ll be posting a few pics from the vacation for you enjoyment, if you haven’t already scrolled through the 400+ on my FB page!

Health Update:
I woke up Saturday August 3rd and felt as if I’d just slept on my neck wrong; it felt like I’d sprained the left side of my neck, or just pulled a muscle.  But the pain continued, and it even hurts to lift my arms above my head to wash my hair.  So went to the dr last Thursday.  CBC came back clean, and she’s unsure why my immune system has kicked into high gear.  There’s obviously some kind of infection which no tests are finding!

And then my daughter tested positive for Mono on Saturday.  I wonder if I’m the carrier?  I’m also extremely fatigued (Sat slept 10 hours, was up three, then took three hour nap; Sun slept 8 hours; up 6, slept 3 more; awake for 4; went to bed).

Karaoke Update:
I’m finished with the ‘Don’ts’!!!  Since there were only 4 of us singing at first, I got through my entire list of 5 songs in the 1st hour!

Alone (Heart):  Warm-up, and don’t think it sounded too bad; it’s been a while since I’ve sung this!
Don’t Turn Around (Ace of Base):  Ugh.  Thought I did better in practice.  Scratching this one off.
Down On The Corner (CCR):  Didn’t know how it would go, but it turned out to be one of my best of the night!  And discovered I’ve been singing the chorus wrong all these years, lol!
Close My Eyes Forever (Ozzy Osborn/Lita Ford):  Finally!  Mark and I nailed this one!  And he did NOT drown me out, lol!
Just Like Jesse James (Cher):  Heard a ‘Awesome job!’ from unknown bystander:)
Downtown (Petula Clark):  May keep this one also:)  Did well on it!
Shambala (3 Dog Night):  Surprisingly, I did well on this one:)  Need to get it on video.
Better Dig Two (Band Perry):  Had people dancing and singing along!  Another keeper:)