Rationalizing The Irrational… #MFRW #Authors #35

Everyone has at least one ‘irrational’ fear….my granddaughter’s is spiders, my ‘other sister’ fears thunderstorms.

What’s mine?

I don’t think they’re that irrational……Falling, and my eye phobia.

While talking to Mom this summer, I think I know where my fear of falling originated.  I’d known about the story of me (age 2) falling into the pool while on vacation in Gatlinburg, TN, and my grandfather joking that I’d broken the steps.  But what I didn’t know was that my grandmother, who was right there, turned and walked away!  My mother is the one who jumped up from her deck chair and dove in after me.

You’d think this would have made me terrified of water, but no, I’m a fish; I spend more time under the water than on top of it…..at least, until my ear issues, and now it hurts if I put my head under water.  But I digress.

I also remember being forced onto the giant slides (the ones where you climb up with rugs to sit on), and screaming all the way down.  Same with the log flume ride…..and age 5, I was thrilled to try out the Scooby Doo Roller Coaster at King’s Island…..until the 1st hill.  I wanted off, and promptly threw up after getting off.  The closest thing to a roller coaster I ride now is the now-gone Tumble Bug, with its 3 hills.  Or the thing I rode at our county fair, which was part Tilt-A-Whirl and part kiddie coaster!

Another disclaimer:  I also have trouble coming DOWN on high elevators.  I have no issues going UP, but have trouble coming DOWN.  I did make it down from the Seattle Space Needle; I just closed my eyes and held onto the elevator railing.  I do NOT have an issue with a slow-moving gondola-style ferris wheel, so can’t explain that one!

My other ‘irrational’ fear is anyone coming near my eyes with ANYTHING.

Before I started school, it was discovered I was extremely near-sighted.  Those drops back in 1971?  Stung like the dickens, and of course, when I was 5, I was not exactly a cooperative kid.  The only time I was ‘cooperative’ was the time my sister had to have her eyes checked, and I tried to be a good example.  But oh, how I HATED those eye exams!

Fast-forward to my 14th birthday.  My cousin and I had gotten our 1st makeup kits, so we obviously decided to try everything out.  Things were going well, until Chelle accidentally poked me in the eye with the mascara wand.  To this day, if anyone wants to put makeup on me, fine, but let me do my own damn mascara!

I was diagnosed with an early case of glaucoma at age 49, and that nearly killed me.  No longer could I take the ‘puff’ test; I had to endure sitting still while someone touched my eyeball with the sensor.  After probably 30 minutes, they finally got my eyes to cooperate, and got the pressure number.  When I went in for the lazer treatment, I’d talked about my fears to the doc, who told me to take something to relax me.  I chose tequila…..and discovered that after 5 shots of tequila on an empty stomach, they can poke my eye with whatever they want!  So I started getting buzzed every time I had to return for a pressure test.  5 shots of tequila is fine; 8 was too much.  I was so relieved when it was over, I admit to being a giggly, drunk mess as we left the office, even drunk-texting one of my friends until I could get home to sleep it off.

So yes, while I admit to having an irrational fear of falling and of things poking me in the eye, can you see how they’re actually quite RATIONAL fears?

Want to know what others are afraid of?

See you next week!

Update On My Parents:

When I arrived last week, I found my dad not feeling well, and having issues with his blood pressure.  He finally began feeling better on Sunday, though he didn’t eat from Wed-Fri.  I drove Mrs. Sato, the Japanese lady my father ‘chauffeurs’ around three mornings a week, to her appointments on Thurs and Fri, and she was thrilled to see me again.  

Mom’s doing soooo much better!  She can get out of the car by herself now, but still needs the wheelchair.  Neurology appointment didn’t answer any questions, other than he didn’t think she was a surgical candidate.  Mom really wanted to talk to her former doctor, and was thrilled to see him that night at the same restaurant they went to, and he told her he’s subbing three days a week, and to call the office.  Her appointment is today, so hopefully next week I’ll have an update.

Dad’s finally back to normal, and I was supposed to go home today, but both parents have requested me back for ‘one more week’.  In the meantime, it’s become a joke around my house that I’ve actually divorced my hubby, but just not legally…..*eye roll*  During that week I was home, I got the house in order, took 3 loads of stuff from the brown house to auction, and took one load of stuff to charity.  I’m finally getting that house cleared of clutter!

Have a great week!

Doo Doo Doo Doo, Doo Doo Doo….#MFRW #Authors #34

My brain is completely blank.

Theme song?

What song title describes me?

My movie would be either Beauty and the Beast or Some Kind of Wonderful (I’m the Mary Stuart Masterson character).

But theme song???

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again….(Is that really a song?)

Tub Thumping comes close…..

I get knocked down, but I get up again….you’re never gonna keep me down…

That’s all I’ve got.  What about you?

Want to know what others think?  Follow the link. 

Passing The Torch….#MFRW #Authors #33

Dear Newbie Writer,

First of all, I congratulate you on your desire to write something more than a term paper!  Here’s some unsolicited advice, but never fear, this is short and sweet, and it certainly helped me twenty years ago.

  1.  Write.  Write some more.  Don’t worry about getting it right; just get it written.  I’m going to say this again.  Don’t get it RIGHT, get it WRITTEN.  You can’t edit what’s not finished.  I don’t care if your 1st draft, either in longhand or typewritten or on a computer document, is littered with misspellings, comma splices, run-on sentences, or looks like it was written by a 3rd grader who hasn’t mastered cursive.  The point is, get your story finished.

2.  Don’t worry if what you’re writing isn’t ‘popular’.  In a Twightlight-Harry Potter-Game of Thrones-Lord of the Rings-Romance-of-every-kind saturated world, if what you want to write is about elves who interact with time-traveling dragons who save the world/solve mysteries/fall in love, then go for it.  Write whatever your imagination tells you.  Don’t write to the market, unless, of course, you WANT to write about what everyone else is doing.  Just do your research, especially if it’s  unfamiliar. Readers can tell when you’re writing about something you’re not exactly comfortable with, believe me.

So there it is, two pieces of the best advice someone once gave me.  I now pass the torch to you.  Best wishes and happy writing!

In case you’re not exactly satisfied, here is a link to more unsolicited advice.

I was disappointed last week:  At our local Watermelon Festival, I only sold 2 books, compared to last year’s six.  I then did another Mosey Down Main St, and only sold one book, compared to last month’s unprecedented 9.  I jokingly told my mother that Mercury needed to go retrograde again; people had thrown money at me in June and July! 

*I have no idea what ‘Mercury in Retrograde’ actually means; I just know many people on FB were griping about it!*

My next event is this Saturday, at the Petersburg VFW.  Heading back to Lafayette next Tues until the end of the month.  So far, I have 4, possibly 5 events in September, two of which are free. Two are paid for, and I’m still waiting for confirmation of the 5th.

Have a wonderful weekend, I should have good news to share next week!

He/She, You, or I? #MFRW #Authors #32

This week’s topic is ‘what tense do I write in?’

In school essays, I wrote in 1st person, much like these blog posts.  As I progressed to short stories, 3rd person was the dominant ‘voice’.

But when I attempted my first full-length novel?  I started in 3rd, but before I was finished, I started a 2nd one in 1st person.  By the time I’d finished three full-length books, I’d switched back to 3rd person.  When I decided to pursue publishing, the advice was to switch the 1st-person story to 3rd person, to match the others.

Which was fine, since I’d decided halfway through the story that I wasn’t being fair to the hero, not showing his side of the story.  When I edited it for the 5th time, I found some instances where I hadn’t switched all the ‘me/I/we’s (this before I discovered the ‘search/replace’ button, ha ha!).

So yeah, the short answer is, ‘3rd person’.

The longer answer is, I began writing 3rd person Omniscient, which, I discovered, the rules had changed and no one liked head hopping.  At the time, I was writing much like the books I was reading, Danielle Steele, Judith Michael, and other early works.  Fast-forward twenty years, and that’s a no-no.  Stick to one person POV per scene.

And now I notice it more!

Oh yeah, I manage to sneak one past an editor here or there…..just as long as I don’t do it too much, ha ha!

What tense do you prefer to read in?  I’ll read some 1st person, but I really prefer 3rd.  I hate, hate HATE 2nd person!  Even more so than 1st person, present tense.  Ugh!  Don’t even get me started on that topic!

What do other authors prefer?

Update On Mom:

I’ve actually been gone this week, returning tomorrow.  Mom has her physical therapy consult today.  When I find out the results, I’ll update here.  See you next week!  I’ll be back at the Mosey Down Main St again on Saturday.

I was very disappointed in our Watermelon Festival.  The last few years, I’ve managed to sell an average of 4-5 books…..this year, I sold only two, as I was packing up things at the end of the night.  My colleague sold two also earlier in the day, so technically we broke even.  Hope I have better success on Saturday!

Promotion, Movies, and Mom #MFRW #Authors #31

This topic was somewhat already covered in Week 28, but I will update you on my mom.  Her MRI showed the scoliosis, the spinal stenosis, and it showed ‘bulging’ discs.  She’s set up with a physical therapy consult next week, as well as her 2nd opinion with the neurosurgeon later this month.

What have I been doing, since I’m obviously NOT writing at the moment?  We’ve been having a daily movie time, and have watched:



-Chariots of Fire

-Moonlight Kingdom

-Despicable Me 2

-Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (half; the disc froze and refused to play anything further)


At the moment, I’ve also been heavily promoting my books and getting the word out about the new Whispers Anthology my writers group is close to releasing.  Last month, I set up at two events in my hometown, and was thrilled when I sold 15 books between the two.  This weekend, I’ll be at our local Watermelon Festival, then actually spending a week at home.  Next week when I post this, I’ll be getting ready to head back to my mom’s.

Have a good weekend and check out these other fine posts.