Stressful Times #MFRWAuthors #9

Growing up with a high metabolism, I’ve developed some weird eating habits.  I could eat an entire bag of chocolate and not gain weight; I once ate half a loaf of bread (4 pieces at a time, toasted with butter and sugar) while I watched a TV program; I loved cake, cookies, and pizza.  In fact, when Nobel Romans came out with their ‘Monster’ pizza, my sister and I bet our waiter we could eat the whole thing.  He ended up shelling out coupons for his half of our meal…

But I digress.  When I get stressed, something strange happens in my body….I lose my appetite.

Maybe this comes from having a mother who stress-eats?  I don’t know.  All I do know is, when there is conflict in my household, the last thing I want to do is go into the kitchen.  I’ll go bury myself in a book, a TV program, or even vent on a blog post.  One thing I do not do is reach for the chips, or anything sweet.

Am I In The Minority?

I have had to learn healthier eating habits since entering menopause; my metabolism shut itself off mid-way through my thirties, which caused me to admit to my doctor I was eating a box of cereal a day and not exercising….then not understanding why I’d suddenly packed on ten pounds.  When he quoted my words back to me, I sheepishly laughed and admitted I saw his point!  I had to cut out the Frosted Mini-Wheats, my sugar intake, and now my carbs.  Fortunately, I do like the zucchini noodles, and my veggie intake has gotten better.

It’s only taken me twenty years, ha ha!

We’ve all had the stomach flu this week, ugh.  Despite being sick, I finally managed to revise a short story I’ve subbed for a Dreams anthology, and my daughter came up with the title, High Hopes.  I’ll let you know if it’s accepted; my poem was rejected, because the antho is supposed to be about actual DREAMS, not just about attaining one.

Also, after further inspection of my Catered Romance file, and probably four drafts later, I think the final version is up on the Amazon website.  I’ve heard some some horror stories this week about Amazon sending out the wrong files, so if you get one where the covers aren’t centered; a few scene breaks are doubled or not centered; one issue with a paragraph; and ‘the end’ isn’t centered, please let me know?  Mine were minor issues, but still, it reflects poorly on an indie author if ‘rookie mistakes’ are there.

If you’ve been following the #CopyPasteCris issue this past week, please know that all my stories were written by ME.  Back in 2012-13, when I was putting out books every other month, it was because the books had either been written from 1993-2000, or from 2007-2009.  They were just simply waiting to be ‘discovered’ by an Acquisitions Editor.  All I had to do was polish them up for the submission process, then bite my tongue during edits.  My writing ‘voice’ had changed over the years, and my earlier characters were trying to rebel.

4 responses to “Stressful Times #MFRWAuthors #9

  1. Yeah, the “CopyPasteCris scandal was both amusing and alarming. Maybe we need a badge to put on our book covers: “I wrote this myself.” Jeesh!
    I too had a racehorse metabolism when I was young. I was also very active, so I smugly congratulated myself on keeping thin through my own efforts. Ha! Karma slapped me upside the head in my 30s when it all slowed down. I’m still pretty active, though there’s room to improve, but in my 50s my weight has much more to do with what I eat than how often I move. Pity.
    Excellent post!

    • LOL….the only thing I ate on Monday was 4 eggs, and when I hopped on the scale Tuesday to see how much weight I’d lost….I’d GAINED 4 pounds! I fumed, ‘Who the hell gains weight during the stomach flu?’ LMAO….End of the month and my weight’s going the wrong way.

  2. I, too, had a burn-through-everything metabolism. In my 30s, I gained weight, then exercised after delivering the second child. I got into fabulous shape. That lasted a few years. Then in my 40s, my metabolism came to a screeching halt. I refuse to starve myself or go on a strict diet. Exercise doesn’t help, either. Tried it. Guess I’ll just have to be fat.

    • It took me two years to get back my pre-baby body after Child #1, then #2 arrived. That body took a few more years, but I still managed to get into a size 10 jeans (to this day, I still think they were mis-marked!). Then after the above Frosted Mini Wheats Incident, I resigned myself to being a size 16….then surprise, my ‘caboose’ showed up. Got back down to 180 pounds until 2012, when finances were strapped, and I was tied to the computer. Now it’s a struggle to stay below 240. Ugh. Now a heel spur is causing pain so I can’t even get out and walk like I used to.

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