Guilty Pleasures #MFRW #Authors #26

Prior to 2006, if someone had asked me what my favorite indulgence was, I’d have said books, shopping sprees to Circle Center Mall, and an aqua massage.  Also, lunch at Johnny Rockets or the food court, followed by an Irish Cream Latte at the Nordstrom Coffee Bar.

But we moved three hours from Indianapolis.

Nowadays, I’m more apt to enjoy the days where I kick everyone out of the house, so I can crank up the music and write, or catch up on the shows I’ve DVR’d.

Or spend an hour at the beauty shop, getting my hair bleached and the ‘peek-a-boo’ blue streaks added.

Or getting a pedicure.

When I go out of town for book signings or conferences, I enjoy window shopping, chatting with other authors or readers, and going out to eat that doesn’t include fast food.

Lately, two breweries have opened in our small community, and I’ve enjoyed attending both Grand Openings.

My dream is to one day have the income where I don’t have to plan my shopping trips so carefully and to be able to go out to eat whenever I want, instead of crunching the numbers to see if it’s going to upset the budget if I spend $40 on a couple of new books/shirts/shoes/outfit.

What about you?  What’s YOUR favorite indulgence?

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