Alternate Reality #MFRW #Authors #4

If you’ve ever watched the series Sliders, or heard of any alternate realities theories in Sci-Fi, then somewhere there is a timeline in which I *gasp* never decided to become a writer.

I know, mind-boggling.

Just think, if the muse hadn’t attacked me in 9th grade Study Hall…..or one evening while doing who-knows-what (probably reading or watching TV??) and getting an idea for two planets at war.

Or even gone on that blind date and wondered ‘what if’?

No, Molly would have gone to college, studied either Elementary Ed, Social Work, or maybe even Library Science, gotten a decent job, married Mr. Right, and had her 2.3 kids.  End of story.

Or, if I may be permitted the completely opposite side of the spectrum, married a rich man who didn’t care if we didn’t have kids, and let me be perfectly happy reading all day or doing volunteer work, or we traveled the globe.

Especially if that man was either a rock star or movie star.

So what’s YOUR alternate reality look like?  Click here for more. 

14 responses to “Alternate Reality #MFRW #Authors #4

  1. Lol that’s funny! My alternate reality I’d marry a sexy cowboy but havebhot ranch hands to do all the work. Lol

  2. I hope there’s an alternate reality somewhere in which I decided to write any way after my parents discouraged me, instead of waiting until I turned 40, and got so good I was both rich and successful in my own right. Next lifetime, maybe. Love your alternate reality take on this topic.

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