Bits and Pieces…#MFRW #Authors #3

How much of myself do I put into my writing?

The short answer is, a little bit here, a little bit there….

But you want specifics, don’t you?

Sigh….all right.

For instance, take Balancing Act.  Gretchen is probably the closest to the real ME of all thirteen of my Arbor U heroines.  She has my hair color; she likes to read; we both worked temporary jobs in a semi-truck factory, and yes, we both share the experience of losing our confidence to an major asshat who tried to tear us down.  In fact, in every AU book, there is at least something I experienced.

One of the parties in Love On The Rocks.

Amy (Love Finds A Way) and I both have allergies.

In Forbidden Love, I recounted the exciting finish of the 1986 Indy 500.

In Endless Love, the Haunted House scene actually happened, and so did the Costume Party at the bar afterward.

In Kenzie’s books, I used my Colorado experiences for Wild At Heart (and the upcoming sequel), and based Teacher’s Pet on an incident at the baseball field.  I didn’t act on that impulse, but if I HAD…..*fans self*

There’s a little bit of me in Kira, the youngest member of my alien family in The Chosen series.  For instance, I’d had a huge fight with a good friend, so I channeled that sorrow into her heartache.

More recently, my karaoke DJ asked me last year if I had a KJ in any of my books, and a few weeks later, used him as a character when I had to come up with a short story asap.  The one I’d submitted was deemed ‘too dark and twisted’ and was apparently sending beta readers to the safety of their blankies and Safe Areas, so the Powers That Be pulled it from the anthology.

I also based two novellas on my three years of experience working at a country club, and when I attended my 25th HS reunion, a few of my former classmates decided to get drunk and spill secrets.  I changed around some details and Class Reunion was born.

I guess the moral of that story is, if you’re going to hang out with me, be careful not to let the alcohol take over your tongue….

Have I intrigued you to click on any of the above links?  *grin*  Or did I just cause you to make a mental note to NEVER drink around me?  LOL!

Want to see how much of themselves other authors put into their writing?  Click here. 


7 responses to “Bits and Pieces…#MFRW #Authors #3

  1. Yep, don’t less your tongue run amok in the company of an author. On the other hand, of course, at conferences you can usually find a lot of authors gathered in the hotel’s pub. What does that say about us?

    • LOL….I joked that at the 30th, no one would talk to me! But they still did….and one even suggested another story character name:) Wonder what will happen next year, at the 35th?

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