Ouch! #MFRW #Authors #2

What’s my earliest memory?  I have several, and since I’m not sure how old I was, I’ll list all of them.

I DO know it was pre-July 1970, because that was when we moved into the home my parents currently occupy, and I have a very vague memory of walking through it either before or after we bought it.  My room was mint-green, and it took three coats of paint to make it a pale pink (which seventeen years later I repainted in blue!).  But I digress.

We lived in a 2 bedroom trailer on the north side of Lafayette, In, and I remember the layout.  At one end, the kitchen, then dining area, my room, bathroom,and at the other end, my parents’ room.  All doors were sliding pocket-style doors.  I have a vivid memory of falling out of bed as soon as someone closed my door.  Was this my 2-3-4 y/o self’s way of getting attention at bedtime?  Who knows?

I also remember seeing the slide to my swing set being under the trailer, and my dad explaining he couldn’t attach it, because there would be no room between it and the next trailer.

There’s also the vivid memory of being hit with a shovel by another kid in the trailer park.  Playing under the weeping willow trees.  A friend and I winding the swings around each other and getting our fingers bloody when the chains broke (this was before plastic covered them; they were METAL chains!).

I also remember HATING to wear a stiff black dress.  It was tight to put on and tight to get off.  I think it was my mom’s favorite outfit to put me in for either church or holiday time.  I was soooo happy when I finally outgrew that dress!

Finally, there’s another time I fell off a bed.  My mom was a school nurse, and she used to take me down to the Home Ec department when they were talking about child care.  For whatever reason, there was a bed in one of the larger rooms, and several other kids and I were jumping on it.  We both fell off, and I bumped my head.  For many years, I thought the song ‘Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed’ was inspired by our actions that day.

What about you?  What is YOUR earliest memory?  To see if anyone else remembers past the age of 5, go here.

See you next week!

11 responses to “Ouch! #MFRW #Authors #2

  1. Wha fun memories. Now I am singing the 5 little monkey song n my head. My granddaughter loves that one and plays it all the time.

  2. Glad I wasn’t the only one to pick from a few different memories. I only have bits and pieces to recall from. But, yes the good old days of the metal chains. Have a friend spin you as tight as they would go and then uncurl in a fast whoosh. Fun times.

    • Someone described theirs as ‘flashes’; that’s what mine were, and since I have no idea how old I was in any of them….why not put all of them into the same post? LOL!

  3. Hit with a shovel! OMG. I remember the hurt fingers from swings and getting the wind knocked out of me when a partner jumped off the other end of a playground teeter-totter. I like that you shared the different memories.

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