Hazards of Childhood

Currently Reading:  Finished Liz Crowe’s Cheeky Blonde and I really enjoyed this book!  There’s flirting, conflict, a little mystery, and it keeps  you scrolling.  So go pick this one up!  Recommended Read.  Print-wise, I began The Truth About Lord Stoneville by Sabrina Jeffries before going to bed last night.  I read this series out of order, so it’s nice to finally read the 1st one!

Had a total ‘What the hell…??’ moment yesterday.  Admittedly, I did not catch all of it, so if you heard the same announcement and I’ve got some things wrong, please let me know.

Found the article:  Go here to read it.

Here’s what I heard on the radio:
New permission slip for kids:
I understand while on this field trip, my child may:
-come into contact with mud
-come into contact with plants/trees/flowers
-get his/her shoes wet
-get get clothing wet/dirty

Are you kidding me?
If my kids go on a field trip, a) I don’t send them in their church clothes and b) I expect them to have fun/get dirty.  My oldest son once went with his class to a farm and ‘accidentally on purpose’ fell in the pond.  I met them back at school with another complete set of clothes and when he got home, we set his shoes outside to dry.

Wait….maybe this is because of an old neighbor of mine?

I think she expected her kids to stay inside all day and not get dirty.  She got mad if they happened to spill anything on their shirts (I watched her kids when her son was in 3rd and daughter in kindergarten).  At a Cub Scout event, they played tug-of-war over a small plastic swimming pool, and afterward, a water fight ensued.  My son is the one who pushed her son into the water.  He came crying to his mom, and she yelled at him for not staying away from the water, then yelled at my son for getting him wet.

Give me a break!

These boys were even on the football team together, everything was fine until her son got (gasp!) grass stains on his football pants.  You’d have thought the world ended.  Hit ’em with a little Shout and they’ll come clean!  And she had the same conniption fit when it had rained the night before and her darling got (gasp!) a little mud on his jersey.

You have to let kids be kids and get that chance to be a little dirty/muddy/wet at times.  As adults, we don’t get that many chances anymore.  Unless you’re into going mudding in a four-wheeler.

Aunt Molly Forgot Her Camera
No pics of yesterday.  But the kids and I had a wonderful afternoon at the water park!  Rode the Lazy River, sat in water up to my elbows and people-watched, threw the dive rings for the girls (and one little boy who wanted to join the fun), and watched the boys go down the slide.

Got to drive my mom’s new Dodge Caravan!

Mom and Dad ordered Happy China takeout for dinner, and we left at 8pm.  Am hoping we get to do this again next week and take Miss Alex aka ‘Munchkin’ aka ‘Itsy-Bitsy’.  She’d enjoy the splash park!

I think I’ll be joining the HDH fun again tomorrow, so come back again!

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