How Do I Love Thee…. #MFRWAuthors #49

Age 12:  Will you be my girlfriend?

Age 15:  Will you go with me/wear my class ring?

Age 20:  I love you.

Age 30:  I love you/Honey, I did the dishes/did the laundry/I’ll take the kids to the movies while you get together with friends.

Age 40:  I picked up 10 lbs of meat and saved you a trip to the store.

Age 50:  I’ll fix dinner for you/Let’s go out to eat

Age 60:  I picked up your prescription/filled your pill tray/I’ll take the grandkids to the movies while you nap.

Age 70:  Honey, bought you a new wheelchair/walker/knee brace.  You’re health is my 1st priority.

What’s your take on keeping the romance alive, or even how a simple ‘I love you’ has evolved over the years?

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I’ve arrived back in Lafayette!  I’m not eligible for FMLA, since I’ve only been on the job for 9 months.  BUT….my boss can keep me off the schedule for 8 weeks, which might be good, since my sister can return for a week or two after the new year, which means I could go home and work for another week, then start the cycle again until my 1 year is up.  Anyway, going to be here for at least the next 2 months.


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