Tempting…Tempting….#MFRWAuthors #48

Let’s face it; temptation is all around us.  Eat this; buy that; sleep with this person; I dare you to do that.

When is it good to give in, and when is it not?

All depends on what your temptation is, and if it will cause any harm.

Diet:  The occasional break is okay, but do it too often and it can be depressing.

Shopping:  Depending on your budget, again the occasional impulse buy is okay, but overspend and it may lead to an argument or a bill you can’t pay.

What’s YOUR temptation?

Went back to work today; I’ll be working this weekend and returning to my mom’s later next week.  I’m also thinking seriously about calling in on Monday, so I can attend my granddaughter’s Christmas program.  My youngest son was in the program when he was in Kindergarten, so this will be a treat!

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