It’s The Thought That Counts #MFRWAuthors #46

This week’s topic is a tough one for me, since at times I’m the WORST gift-giver.  I think I inherited this from my paternal grandmother, who was notorious for giving gifts that were the complete opposite of what we wanted.

Remember the Wish Book?  I’d pour over that catalogue and circle everything I wanted, with an ‘M’ beside it, so Mom knew what I circled, and which ones belonged to my sister.  She would then try to relate this to other family members, and 9/10 times my sister would get the item I dearly coveted, while I received hers.  We wouldn’t be allowed to ‘switch’ until the visit was over…..which yes, drove me crazy at times!

But as Granny got older, she suddenly ‘got’ me.  Or maybe my tastes changed?  Who knows?

The point is, know your giftee.  Ask them what they want, and take a picture if possible.  Or, gift cards are always nice.  I’ve been asking for Amazon Gift Cards for years…..and never got them.  My parents hand out checks. and ask me about what the kids and spouse might like.  My mom also catalogue shops, and finds cute things for the granddaughter, and will also buy movies and electronics (within reason!) for the kids.

In my family, you can never go wrong with movies, books, or candy.  We also have turned the stocking gifts into ‘joke’ gifts….one year we all got kazoos, and had an interesting ‘concert’.  Last year, it was those popper things, like squirt guns, only they shot Christmas-themed ping-pong balls.

One year, my dad gave me an entire box of printer paper, which was the BEST gift that year!  It lasted me ten years, I kid you not!  Now if he’d just get me a ten-year supply of ink….

But always remember…’s the thought behind the gift which counts.  It says, “I was thinking of you….”

What’s your take on gift-giving?

2019 is drawing to a close….I only have three more signings this year.  I had the BEST sales ever at the Christmas Show last week, selling a whopping 29 books, which beat last year’s total of 16.  I feel blessed that so many readers bought, and hope they enjoy them.

Saturday, I’m at our local craft show, where I sold 17 last year.  It would be AWESOME to match it, but I’m not getting my hopes up.  Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you back here next week!

2 responses to “It’s The Thought That Counts #MFRWAuthors #46

    • Thanks for stopping by Kate:) As for the kazoos, the only songs we were coming up with at first were all Patriotic ones, such as Grand Ol’ Flag and Yankee Doodle! Soon, Jingle Bells and Rudolph were added.

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