To Epilogue Or Not? #MFRWAuthors #39

I’ve always been told that if you have a Prologue, there needs to be an Epilogue.  OR… can have one at the end of a series.

I don’t use these a whole lot.  There’s both a pro and epi in All She Ever Wanted, and an epi at the end of Off The Clock, which wraps up the trilogy.

In my Women’s Fiction series, I think #5 has both a pro and epi in it, and so does #7.  #8-13 aren’t finished (or even written!) yet, and it’s been at least ten years since I’ve even looked at the finale of the series.  I can’t remember how I set it up.

What’s your take on this subject?

I’m heading off to Saluki Con this weekend, in Carbondale, Il.  Never been to this event before, but hoping to create some buzz for Bad Decisions, which releases Oct 19th.


My story in this anthology is Family Secrets: 

Ten years ago, a horrific act scarred Austin Finch emotionally.  When his sister Taylor moves back to town and unknowingly forces Austin to face his demons, will he find the courage to face his past?  More importantly, will his family ever forgive him for the terrible decision he made three years ago?


2 responses to “To Epilogue Or Not? #MFRWAuthors #39

  1. I don’t know of any rule stating that the presence of one mandates the presence of the other. If so, a whole lot of authors ignore it.

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