Most Hated Chore #MFRWAuthors #37

This goes along with last week’s post.  If there’s one household chore I hate with a vengeance, it’s cleaning the bathroom, specifically the bathtub or shower.

I don’t have an issue with cleaning the toilet, or even the sink.  But the bathtub and shower….ugh.

Part of it is the fact I can no longer bend over or even squat down, and my arms get tired reaching the back wall.  We even bought a cleaning tool that extends, but it’s awkward.  So in addition to my other inventions, I’d like a self-cleaning shower!

I hate mopping the kitchen floor too, but since the invention of Swiffer WetJet, it’s less annoying.

What chore do YOU hate the most?

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Had a great time at Cil-Con last weekend!  My adopted dad showed up, and turns out he knows many of the same people as I!  Then he even took me to karaoke on Saturday.  Got to meet Santiago Cirillo, another Walking Dead cast mate (he played Julio), and boy was he a scream at the after party!  That man should do stand up.

This weekend, I’m off to the Indy Author Event in Indianapolis, In, hosted by Saints and Sinners.  I’ve been upgraded to a full table, so I’m thrilled I don’t have to condense my display after all!

My hours at work are getting cut, starting next week, so I should be able to do more writing, now that I’ll only work 4 hours a day instead of 6.  Of course, this means my funds will be a little strained in October, but Con season is beginning to wind down.  I only have two more events this month, two in Oct, and two in Nov.  I’ll be able to save my funds, instead of using all of it for hotel and car rental fees, which is good, since our new anthology, Bad Decisions, will be releasing next month.  I’m hoping to have cover art to show off next week:)

2 responses to “Most Hated Chore #MFRWAuthors #37

  1. Since buying my new home, I would say the chore I hate the most is pulling up old carpet… however, the lovely (if needing repair) hardwood underneath is so worth the trouble. Granted the chore is a one time deal but the aftermath of restoration is a long-term commitment that seems to be taking its sweet time.

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