The Other ‘F’ Word #MFRWAuthors #34

There’s a little-known aspect to FEAR which sneaks up when we’re aspiring to attain something, the Fear of Success.  Sounds crazy, right?  I want to be successful, so why would I fear it?

But….as we’re looking forward to being successful, FEAR sneaks in…..but not in the way you’d normally think.

How so?

Think back:  Have you procrastinated on deadlines?  Procrastinated in general?  Over-thought your project?  Over-extended yourself?  Over-committed yourself?

If so, you’ve just experienced Self-Sabotage…..that sneaky, sneaky part of your brain which creates doubt that you’ll ever be successful, and you wonder why you ever tried this in the first place.

When you realize this Fear has taken a hold of you, the best thing to do is re-evalute your priorities and do everything you can to stay on task, complete all steps toward your goals, and hopefully you’ll defeat this Self-Sabotage tendency:)

Anything you’d care to add?

I actually have the next two weekends free!  Mall of America was amazing, even though I took 5 detours while driving out, and only 2 while coming back.  Turned out I wasn’t actually lost; just veered off slightly from the directions.  Sold 5 books, and enjoyed 2 1/2 days with my sister, niece, and nephew:)

Next event will be Cil-Con in Mattoon, Ill Sept 6-7.  I’m happy to be able to stay home for once this summer, ha ha!

4 responses to “The Other ‘F’ Word #MFRWAuthors #34

  1. I am a master at self-sabotage. It’s a bad habit that takes vigilance to overcome. I can’t say I’ve been entirely successful.

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