Catching Up #MFRWAuthors #32 and 33

So I think I proved LIFE has to exist outside of writing; I discovered a week ago I could spend an extra day at the Indiana State Fair, and the coordinator gave me a sweet deal too good to pass up!  As a result, I not only forgot about the blog challenge entirely, but was so sleep-deprived this weekend, I fell asleep at my booth at the Collector’s Carnival Craft Show on Saturday!  Managed to sell 18 books in two days at the State Fair, then only 4 at the CCC.  If you bury yourself at the computer, then you’re going to realize one day you missed out on LIFE.

Now, onto this week’s topic, giving and taking advice!

I’ve been on both sides of the advice scale.  As a social work major in college, I ended up being the ‘ear’ of my wing, and helped several friends with their issues.  Did I make a difference?  I’ll probably never know.  Thankfully, I’ve never had someone say “I wish I’d never listened to you!” 

However, I HAVE said that to others!

Hindsight is always 20/20, and I’ve made a lot of decisions after consulting others.  Some advice has been good (mostly professional, thank god, when it comes to my writing career!), and some has been bad (always relationship-wise….isn’t that funny how that happens?)

I’ve stated this before; I face an uphill battle with my family, who question EVERYTHING I’ve done this year, in regards to promoting my work.  I’ll review at the end of the year and see which shows I should have avoided, and which ones I proved the family wrong.  At least this year, it was my own funds at stake, instead of the family’s, so my question is, why do they care?  Next year, if my Teen buckles down and makes the football team, I’ll definitely have to travel less, in order to attend his games.

It’s had to discern the good advice from the bad.  Ultimately, you have to listen to your gut, your own intuition.  Do you think this decision is the right one for you, or are you going along with the crowd?  That’s something else I’m trying to impress upon my Teen, who tends to just go along with his friends.  With a 7 year old granddaughter, she’s getting the same guidance….don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ to your friends!

To read more, go here:)

Dreamscapes Anthology is LIVE!

I’m off to the Mall of America this weekend, for the Royal Touch Reader Event:)  Then I have two weeks off to catch up on writing, family time, etc. I know my boss will be happy to have me work 5 days in a row again, lol!

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