Dinner With The Stars….Or Not? #MFRWAuthors #31

First of all, I TOTALLY misunderstood last week’s topic!  Reading through everyone else’s post, I realized I was the only one who LISTED the contents of mine, not explained why or not it’s good to have one.  I never watched the movie; only listed things that are on my ‘forever wish’ list.  I already set Daily/Monthly/Yearly goals, so that one day, I might be able to cross one or two travel desires off my list.  Will I be crushed if I never get to see the ruins of ancient Crete?  No….I’m content with History or Travel channel, or even a friend’s photos.  But GOALS…..that’s another must, for if we don’t have goals, we simply drift through life like a jellyfish.

Now, onto this week’s topic, who would I love to have dinner with?

Naturally, Jason Momoa, Chris Helmsworth, or Harrison Ford came immediately to mind.  But I’d also love to sit down with my grandma again, and get the skinny on her childhood.  My parents know the backstory on my paternal grandparents, and maternal great-grandparents, but little is known about my mother’s mother up until she married my grandfather.  Maybe get the entire ancestral line together for one great ‘This Is Your Life’ rehash?

I know I get my musical ability from my mother’s family, and that Grandma was ‘forced’ to play as a child for parties, that’s why she never pushed my mother into any musical lessons.  But I dearly wanted to take lessons, and finally at age 11, my mother found me a piano teacher (this after I repeatedly asked to play the harp, lol!)

I also think my bad taste in men stems from her…..both my maternal great-grandparents and grandparents were divorced/remarried, and my mother broke that cycle by finding her soul mate at age 19.  Truthfully, I think I met mine at age 20, but didn’t recognize him until it was too late, and was then too stubborn to leave my then-current relationship!

So yeah, would just like to unlock a few mysteries in my family!

What about you?

Ready for photos?

Met actor Wyatt Weed, who was in an episode of Star Trek:  TNG, and Predator 2:)  He signed a P2 picture for my hubby, who was thrilled!

Met actor WF Bell, who played Anchor in The Walking Dead:)  He was nice enough to sign a picture for my daughter.

L-R:  Amy Hale, Cathy Jackson, me, Matt Jackson.  Amy, Cathy, and I are all romance authors:)

Friday night, we ate at a local brewery, Jackson Street Brew.  This is when I texted my daughter, “Look who I’m having dinner with…”  She texted back, “OMG!  Get his autograph, PLEASE????”

L-R:  Adrion and WF Bell, and John, a local reporter.  See the beer on the table?  There’s a coffee shop called ‘Villainous Grounds’, where we had a meet-n-greet.  The brewery created the ‘Villainous Stout’ for the weekend, and it’s delicious, if you’re a fan of Guinness beer.

I actually have a rare weekend off!  It’s our local Watermelon Festival weekend, but my colleague and I decided it wasn’t in our budget this year.  So I’ll be setting up Friday night at the 1st Friday Art Walk, then being able to enjoy the festival without having to worry about being away from my booth:)  Have a great weekend!  

Next week, I’m off to the State Fair Tuesday and Wed…..wish me luck!  Last time I was there, I only had 2 books out, and my shift was only 2 hours long.  This year, we have a larger booth, and I’ll be there 3-close Tuesday and 9-2:30 Wed.

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