“Would You Be Willing To….” #MFRWAuthors #26

Before 2009:

“You’re doing WHAT?  Oh, that’s cool.”

“How’s the writing going?  Oh, wow….you’ve got THREE finished?  When will you get your advance?”

“Molly, we love the excerpts you’re posting….have you thought of submitting to the smaller presses, and trying to get into e-books?

“You’ve submitted?  AWESOME!  Keep us posted!”

After 2009:

“Hey, your 1st book is LIVE on Amazon!  That’s amazing!  Whoo hoo!”

“Mol, did you know All She Ever Wanted is currently sitting at #3 on the Best Seller List over at ARE?”

“You’re published?  Oh that’s so cool….I’ve always wanted to write a book…..how do I get started?

After 2013:

“You’ve got TWELVE books published?  I’m so glad I met you; I wrote my 1st book a few months ago and don’t know what to do with it.  Can you recommend a good editor and publisher?”

“Molly, would you be willing to come to our writer’s group and share your experience with us?  How you got started, any advice you can give to those of us starting out?”

After 2018:

*blinks*  “Did you say 25?  OMG…..and you don’t mind if I EMAIL you, or PM you on FB?  That’s AWESOME!”

“Would you be willing to look at my 1st chapter and let me know what you think?”

“What was the name of your editor and cover artist?  How much do they charge?”

“You mean you’re willing to HELP ME?  So if I tell you I think I’m ready to publish, I can come to your writing group and you’ll help me with formatting, cover art, and editing?  That’s so cool!

“What about marketing?  Oh….you can help me do that too?  Fantastic!”

In other words, becoming published has finally made me credible.  It’s no longer just a ‘cool hobby’ (unless, of course, you’re talking to my immediate family….they still call it a ‘waste of time and money’, but that’s only because I haven’t hit the NYT Best Seller list or getting that $10K advance!), or just something I ‘do’.

When I meet potential writers, I’m peppered with questions about how to find editors, cover artists, publishers, or even how to publish through KDP (create space was sooooo much easier!).

I love it when I meet writers/authors in all stages of their careers.  I pick the brains of successful ones, offer suggestions to new ones with their 1st book, and encourage those who have barely finished Chapter One.

How Has Publishing Changed Your Life?

I’ve got a busy Saturday ahead, meeting my parents at the Beef House in Covington, in order to celebrate 3 birthdays, then off to a class reunion.  Sunday, I can sleep and laze around the house before returning home on Monday.  Have a great weekend and see you back here next week!

4 responses to ““Would You Be Willing To….” #MFRWAuthors #26

  1. Learning from other writers’ experience is always informative and often entertaining. However, I’ve found that self-publishing these days doesn’t necessarily confer credibility. We still need gatekeeper acceptance for that.

    • I guess I failed to mention that from 2009-2014 I was contracted with three small presses which folded in 2014 and 15. Had to learn to navigate Create Space quickly, and while I’m still with two other small presses, I still use my former cover artist and editors so my work is still professional, even though I now upload the majority of my work myself. THAT makes me credible; the fact a publisher gave me my first contract.

  2. Great post! Awesome accomplishment! We had two birthdays to celebrate. I will need a vacation to recover from my vacation lol

    • LOL….I hear you! When my kids were younger, I always felt exhausted after a ‘vacation’! Now my idea of a vacation is to kick everyone out of the house, or spend a weekend with my parents!

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