How Dreams Change #MFRWAuthors #25

Remember play-acting Wedding Day?  You and your friends would take turns wearing an old lacy bedspread complete with a pillowcase, or even a lacy doily ‘veil’, and walk down the ‘aisle’ to a poster of your pre-teen idol (at first, mine was Leif Garret, then Shaun Cassidy, before I settled on a young Han Solo, Harrison Ford!).  Then after you said ‘I do’ and blow kisses at your new ‘husband’, turned around, whip off the veil and say, ‘Who’s next?’

From the time I got my first boyfriend at the tender age of twelve, I dreamed of my future wedding.  In my church, with a packed audience, wearing THE Dress, ballet slippers, and walking down the aisle on my father’s arm to the man of my dreams (again, this part changed over the years, ha ha!).  We’d smile through our vows, then dance the night away at a reception held at a local hotel, complete with DJ, champagne fountain, good food, and of course, plenty of cake, both white and chocolate.  Thirty-five years ago, NO ONE had a chocolate wedding cake.  I was going to break tradition and have both white and chocolate layers in my dream wedding cake….the one with no less than seven tiers!

Then it was off to my dream honeymoon destination, Disney World!

Needless to say, I didn’t get my dream wedding.  My church, yes, but not a packed house, and our reception was at my parents’ house, with plenty of good food, and surrounded by friends and family.  I did break tradition with the cake, but we had a modest 5-layer one.  No honeymoon at Disney, but a night in an expensive hotel, courtesy of my parents, since it was May, and my new hubby had to be at work on Monday.  We’d take a nice honeymoon later.

Fast-forward fourteen years:  My parents decided to take the kids and I to Disney, so I went on my delayed honeymoon without him, ha ha!

My oldest son is getting married next year, and it’s going to be Harry Potter-themed.  I’m looking forward to dancing the night away with my BFF (provided this damn heel spur can be removed next winter, and I’m pain-free!), so I can live vicariously through their celebration.  No word on what they plan for the honeymoon, since he will have just graduated college and will be looking for a job in his field, while continuing his education.

Daughter has stated she’s probably never going to get married, and if she does, it would probably just be a trip to the courthouse.  She’s not girly, but my granddaughter is, so maybe in twenty years we’ll be planning HERS?

Would I get married again if something were to happen to my spouse?  I’ve thought of it over the years, and would like a trip to Vegas.  Wouldn’t it be fun to be married by an Elvis Impersonator?  If that’s really a thing….

What About You?

Saturday, I’ll be at our local PrideFest….I had reservations about being a vendor last year, but several of my karaoke buddies who are members of the LGBTQ community thanked me supporting them, and I sold four books, plus generated interest:)  On Sunday, I’ll be at the Corning Irish Festival, where my sales have increased every year I’ve been back.  Looking forward to seeing the Celtica Fae musical group again!

Update On The Daughter:

Living arrangements didn’t work out; my stepdaughter knew my daughter had orientation at noon, but had an appointment which took longer than expected, so wasn’t home to watch my granddaughter for her.  Daughter had to call to explain child care had fallen through, so she was sorry; thanked the supervisor for the interest in her, but would have to turn down the opportunity.  She and the granddaughter moved back home yesterday.  Long story short, my daughter was sold a pipe dream, living arrangements-wise, so it’s not her fault.  Kudos to her for not being dragged into the drama!


4 responses to “How Dreams Change #MFRWAuthors #25

  1. My brother was a groomsman at a friend’s wedding that was held on the “bridge” of the Starship Enterprise in Las Vegas. And a good time was had by all, from all accounts.

  2. All my friends told me my first husband looked like Han Solo. As he’s aged along with Harrison Ford, he still does resemble him. I love the dream of your future (back then) wedding down to the chocolate cake.

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