Plant Hospice Worker #MFRWAuthors #24

A few weeks ago, I saw the perfect meme on FB… says ‘instead of a green or black thumb, mine’s more of a ‘gray’ one….I help plants go to their final resting place!’

I’ll do you one better…..I’m a Plant Hospice Worker…..I’ll stay with your plant until it dies.

I’m serious; the only thing I’ve successfully kept alive is a cactus, or a philodendron.

Even my Joseph’s Coat (something my grandmother gave me….’fool-proof’, she said….’just keep it in water’)….didn’t survive curious kittens.

Okay, so that last one wasn’t my fault.

But yeah, I once killed a thistle by exclaiming, ‘Look at that beautiful purple flower!”  Two weeks later, it was so dry, it crumbled to the touch.

So yeah, if you want healthy plants, don’t ask me to weed or even LOOK at your garden!

I’m surprised the Lawn and Garden area at my store survived me working in that area for two weeks…..though quite a few plants were on the discount rack the second week!

What about you?

The women of Catered Romance have been interviewed!  Want to know more about them?  Come over to Dawn’s Reading Nook!

Family Update:

My 2nd chick is leaving the nest!  Daughter received a job offer in Indianapolis at FedEx, and orientation begins next week.  She and the granddaughter will be packing up and leaving on Sunday, and staying with family until she is able to afford her own place.  Not making any plans to enroll her in school just yet; she wants to assess the situation and see how things go.  A might very well end up living with us again next year, in order to give her the smaller class situation she needs, so pray for us?  Thanks!

In other news, I will be at Celebrate Main in Washington, In on Saturday, and right now, we’re PRAYING the rain holds off until after the event.  Last week, at our local Spring On Main, the rain left right before set up time and we had a lovely evening with lots of people downtown!  N and I sold equal amounts of books, and the temp was fantastic!!

7 responses to “Plant Hospice Worker #MFRWAuthors #24

    • I think I’m allergic to all things green and flowering. High pollen counts make it hard to breathe, but I do love the warm temperatures! My daughter and hubby have the green thumbs…..I think I passed along my black one to the boys. Fortunately, the granddaughter’s proving to have a greenish-yellow one!

  1. I love working with plants outside but I am horrible at taking care of indoor ones… Mt daughter however I believe has ‘green fingers’ she can get things to grow in the strangest places.

    • Remember the beans kids used to plant in preschool? Neither of my boys could get theirs to do anything past the paper towel/baggie stage. My daughter ended up having to transplant hers to first a small pot, then a larger one! She definitely has the talent!

  2. I manage to keep outdoor plants alive. Not so for indoor plants. My dad gave me a gorgeous Christmas cactus once. I couldn’t keep it alive. I took it back to him. It thrived! Praying for your daughter in her new endeavor. Good luck at Celebrate Main.

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