“When Do I Celebrate?” #MFRWAuthors #16

“Celebrate good times, come on!”

(Click the link to see what song popped into my head when I saw this topic!)

Maybe it’s just me, but I celebrate every milestone in my writing process.

-If I’ve had a wonderful day of productivity (IE: Words flowing/four solid hours of writing/finishing a particularly emotionally draining scene), I break out the wine or vodka and Kool-Aid.

-When I type ‘the end’, I ask the spouse to take us out to dinner, or at least a lunch for he and I.

-When I have fantastic cover art to share, more wine is consumed.

-When the editing is finished, some sort of celebration is planned, whether it’s simply a meal out or I drink a glass of wine, or go to karaoke (hell, if any of the above or below occurs on a karaoke night, that’s all the celebration I need!).

-Release Day is different.  It depends on whether or not I need to spend more time on the computer during the day, so I may request he pick me up something from a fast-food restaurant for lunch, as I splash the news all over social media.  And yes, there will be wine at the end of the day, as well as something sweet:)  I’ll also throw myself a Release Party with my writer’s group at the coffee shop, and either make cupcakes or brownies.

What about you?

I’m off to the 9th Annual Kentuckiana Author’s Fair in La Grange, KY tomorrow!  Today I’m traveling, then setting up at 8am.  Doors open at 10, then at four, we break down and head home.  I’ll be popping into my future DIL’s Pure Romance party for a bit before continuing onto church, since our choir always sings at the Easter Vigil.  Then a brief pop into karaoke before heading home to put together the Easter baskets for the granddaughter and youngest child, and falling into bed.  I’ll have to be back at church on Sunday at 7am!  It’s going to be a loooooong and somewhat sleep-deprived weekend!

Hope you all have a very happy and blessed Easter!

6 responses to ““When Do I Celebrate?” #MFRWAuthors #16

  1. Great ways to celebrate…LOL we both picked the same song I think or close to it. Let’s hope you get to kee that wine flowing and good luck at your event.

    • Thanks Cathy:) There’s always that period of ‘adrenaline let down’ after the high of any major milestone, so it’s important to celebrate while you can:) Not happy that I had to re-think my event outfit (temps have dropped 20 degrees than first posted), but oh well…..welcome to spring in the Midwest….

    • LOL…..mine range from cupcakes with my group to going to Buffalo Wild Wings and playing Lunchtime Trivia with friends:) Anything that makes the day special! The first one, we were so broke, the only thing we did was go out to eat at Golden Corral!

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