Eclectic Music Choices #MFRWAuthors #8

If you’re a friend of mine on FB, you know that 95% of the time I wake up with a song in my head.  I swear when I die, they’re going to open up my head and find a juke box AND that Mucinex guy in there, lol!

Ahem.  Anyway, there are some people out there who can’t write if there is any noise in the room.  That’s definitely not my case.

Back when I was starting out, writing my books by hand, I found my creativity was bolstered by Hooked On Classics.  I even wrote while at the laundromat while listening to Motley Crue, Don Henley, and Nirvana.

Once I even outlined an entire book while sitting in a noisy bar, waiting for a job interview.

Depending on my mood, I’ve written to the music of Prince, Bon Jovi, Pink, Nelson, Jon Secada, and even some Eminem and Linkin Park.  Disturbed has even made an appearance.  When my ‘caboose’ was a toddler twelve years ago, I learned to write with Dora The Explorer, Bob The Builder, and Spongebob Squarepants in the background.

One glorious week, my kids were all gone, and I was looking forward to spending that week revising one of my longer books.  I went through my entire (at the time) 8-CD library, and couldn’t summon the motivation.  Finally, on the last day, I put in Aqua (“Barbie Girl) and the darn thing played through at least three times while I changed my 1st-person novel to 3rd person.

I’d avoided that particular album, because I had been ‘in the mood’ for a more hard rock sound.  Turned out Britney Fox, Monster Rock, Styx, and Journey, not to mention Melissa Etheridge, was not my muse’s preferred sound!  Who knew?

What about you?

Find out here if I’m the only one who writes to music.

What’s the weather been like in your corner of the world?  Ours has been cold, with only a light dusting of snow this past week.  Had some rain on Wednesday, and hoping to end the week in either the upper 40s or lower 60s (again, with rain).  I keep telling myself, “I’ll take rain over snow; I’ll take rain over snow” as I’m sloshing through puddles!

We’ve also had one kid with strep throat and my spouse with a round of the stomach flu.  Really hoping the other occupants of my house, including me, stay healthy!

Update on Catered Romance:  The kindle version is available for pre-order for only $.99!  When it goes live May 21st, the price will increase to $3.99, so order yours today!  The print version is still on track to release on that date also:)

8 responses to “Eclectic Music Choices #MFRWAuthors #8

  1. I grew up with 50s and 60s rock albums (favored by Dad) and 70s and 80s rock on the radio. I still favor that music, but have found some modern tunes that appeal, too.

    • LOL….I grew up with one parent who favored Elvis and the Beatles, and the other who preferred Mozart and Wagner. I decided a long time ago to keep up with music trends….but that came to a screeching halt about ten years ago, when I stopped being the ‘chauffeur’. I still catch some modern music either on the radio, or by what my kids happen to be listening to, but when I’m by myself, I turn that dial to a classic rock station. Nowadays, I’m more apt to discover good music at karaoke, such as “Shallow’ by Lady Gaga.

  2. Kids’ music–ugh! I think I’m extra-sensitive to high-pitched voices, because when my daughter was little and played her kiddie tunes, I had to find a way to shut it out. You must have remarkable powers of concentration. And yeah, I’m with you on the “Rain is better than snow.” Here in Western WA, the snow is almost gone from last week’s “Snowmageddon.” Happy writing!

    • Hahahaha…..when my oldest was a toddler, I’d bought him a Discovery Toy trumpet, that he discovered he could blow by exhaling AND inhaling! Drove my hubby crazy, but I could tune it out. Selective hearing? Or maybe an earlier indication of my hearing loss? Who knows…..

    • I began writing my short story Confessions Over Cold Eggs (Crossroads antho) while at karaoke, while in the throes of a temper tantrum, since my first story had been rejected (5 days before going to print! It had been up on the website w/o complaints for 2 YEARS!), and when it was published, I gave my KJ, the bartender, and the two people who helped me with minor details each a copy as a personal ‘thank you’.

  3. I prefer it quite most times but some days music just pops in my head. I do make playlists for each book and it’s a little of everything.
    It’s been raining so much here. We are under flood warnings. Rain still in the forecast.

  4. I like to listen to a variety of music from opera to country. Whatever fits the mood and story, but listening to music depends on the phase the book is in. I find it harder to concentrate with music during a first draft now. Weather, oh boy. This past weekend brought us 55 mph wind gusts for more than twenty-four hours and it’s down to around 40 mph now. Many are without power, but so far I’ve lucked out with that. Snow isn’t over for us yet. Ugh.

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