Listen To Your Gut #MFRWAuthors #7

From the time we learn to dress ourselves until we cross over into The Great Beyond, we’re bombarded with advice.

Don’t wear stripes with polka dots.

You look so much better with your hair that way.

Eat this/wear that.

If you buy this product, you’ll be healthier/popular/better looking.

You want to do WHAT?  Oh no, follow this career path instead.  Better yet, go to college and get your XYZ degree.

Face it, we’ve even given it to our best friends, siblings, even coworkers.  Read Dear Abby, in hopes of finding something similar.

When you’re starting out, you know nothing.  You eagerly soak up all the advice from the experts, the pros.  But ultimately you discover that what works for one person does not always mean it’s going to work for you.   Learn to trust your gut; do what seems right for YOU.

And the best piece of advice I’ve ever been given as a writer?

Don’t get it RIGHT, get it WRITTEN.  You can always go back and revise.

Want to know what others have to say about advice giving and taking?

Some of you are aware I tripped over the spouse’s canes this past weekend aka ‘random gravity check’; I’m happy to report the swelling in my left knee is down, and walking isn’t painful anymore.

I also may have gotten myself hired at one of our local stores, for seasonal help, and extra income.  I should find out in the next two weeks, so more on this later.

Yes, it was on the advice of my spouse, who’s informed me he’s not letting me have any more $$ for my booth fees/inventory/promo materials/travel expenses.  Not good when I’ve already spent most of my Christmas money on upcoming events, plus made plans for others in April, and now have to get there!

6 responses to “Listen To Your Gut #MFRWAuthors #7

  1. In NaNo I was told not to revise as I went along, but outside of that, I revise as I go. I can’t help it. There is an example of advice not working the same for everyone, but it is good advice. I hope your knee continues to get better. Good luck with the job.

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