End-of-the-Year Recap

2018 was a strange year.


While having our family Christmas with my parents, Dad revealed he had an aneurism in behind both knees, but only one needed surgery, and asked if I would be willing to come help out for a week or two.  Of course I said yes.

Teen ended up having three root canals and three crowns on his teeth, since he hadn’t been brushing.  Life lesson…

Temps were chilly and snowy, so didn’t go to karaoke a great deal.


Eagles beat Patriots in Super Bowl 52!!  Brady and my daughter both stunned speechless.  I went to Mom’s, only to to discover Dad’s surgery is scheduled March 14th.  I drive truck home, so he doesn’t have to drive back and forth.  Began playing Words With Friends….hate it!  Enjoyed the South Korean Winter Olympic Games!


Took Dad to the hospital; picked him up the next day and drove him home.  Left later that day and drove first to BWW to watch one game of March Madness, then to Mel B’s house, to spend the night.  Watched the 2nd game on the laptop, then she and I drove to Nashville, TN and spent the day with the SCP authors.  Was mildly irritated on the drive home, since Siri took us a different way, and MB continued to follow her even when we could see I-64!  WTH???  Spent the night with her, then got up early, bought a St. Paddy’s Day T-shirt at the Washington Walmart, and drove to Indy for the Wanderlust Book Signing.  Dad was cleared to drive the following week, but discovered he was on a 10lb lifting restriction.

Also had a very uncomfortable meal at Outback for Teen’s birthday….we really screwed up the seating arrangement!  S and I were also able to see the 3rd movie based on ‘That Book’.  Went to PurdueCon and hung out with fellow author Brian K. Morris, plus discovered he was planning to attend Imaginarium:)


Villanova won March Madness!  I went home after Easter, and we joked….Christ died….APRIL FOOL!, since Easter was on April 1st!  The temps were good, so we opened up the brown house and finished scraping up the carpet in the front bedroom, then unloaded our storage unit into it.  Goodbye storage and hello an additional $80 in the budget:)  Enjoyed the Kentucky Book Signing and was thrilled to be invited back the the Dale Library!  Sold 4 at KY and 1 at Dale, but the library had bought a copy of Crossroads.


I sold an unprecedented 8 books at the 1st Art Walk, and was asked to watch the gallery while the owners were on vacation in June.  I was thrilled!  Then turned around and sold 6 at the Farmer’s Market:)  Tried having a yard sale, but only made $2.  Will Power won the Indy 500!


We celebrated Miss Alex’s 6th birthday in Nashville, In, and eating at Cracker Barrel in Bloomington.  My mom fell June 1st, and was unable to walk; due to my commitment of watching the gallery, I was unable to go up until the last week in June.  Sold 4 at the Art Walk; 4 at PrideFest, and 5 at Corning Irish Festival:)  BC Brown was in Louisville for a Women’s Conference, so I was able to hitch a ride with her family and spend a day with her:)


My publisher paid to have a table at InConJunction, so I got a free pass and only had to pay for my lodging!  Ended up selling 8!  Mom’s condition continued to stump her doctors.  I set up at the Mosey and sold 9 books, which thrilled me to no end, so I decided to try the Gallery Walk, and sold 6 at that event:)  Went to the 4-H fair with BFF Angela.  MDQ became a mommy on July 14th, and Phoenix ‘Master P’ apparently had a stroke, and was in the NICU for a week.  I was able to hold his tiny feet, and a week later, when he was home, finally held him.


Drove Mom down to Vincennes for the Watermelon Festival, but it was so hot, Dad didn’t bring her down.  I had a discouraging time, only selling 2 books, and at the last minute.  Mom’s cardiologist got her signed up for PT, as well a set up an MRI for her, to see if we could get some answers.  The Petersburg event was a bust, and I only sold 2 at the Mosey.


Set up at ISUCon, and sold 8 during the 3 day event!  Took Teen with me on final day, and he enjoyed himself, even joining the Magic The Gathering club at school.  Sold 9 at the Vanderburgh Fairgrounds event and 4 at Eminence:)  We also got a shock:  Fr. Dave was accused of being ‘inappropriate’ with a woman ‘decades’ ago, and was placed on administrative leave.


Took the Teen with me to the Imaginarium Convention, but he chose to spend the majority of his time in the hotel pool, rather than the game room.  Only sold 1 book, but my cover artist received a HUGE compliment from a professional photographer!  Sold 7 at the Collections Carnival Craft fair, AND finally launched Whispers into the world…..even though the books didn’t arrive until after the launch party.  Went as Little Red Riding Hood for the Karaoke Halloween party.


Had my ankle evaluated, and I have a bone spur that grew UP instead of OUT, and is pressing on my Achilles’ tendon.  In an air brace for the next 6 weeks.  Did well at the Indy Christmas Toy and Hobby show, selling another 16 books, and receiving my cover for next year’s Catered Romance release.  Sold 5 at the Art Walk, and then an unprecedented 15 at the Rivet Craft Fair!  Had a relaxing Thanksgiving at home.  BFF KC lost her father, so I rented a car and drove up with EYS for the funeral.


Mom ended up being hospitalized for severe pain in her left leg; turned out her coumidin level was out of whack, and was sent to the Cumberland Rehab center on the 14th.  I spent a week with her, then came home.  We’re not sure how long she’ll be there; it could be January, or March.  Sold 8 at the Washington Christian Craft Fair, then another 4 at the Art Walk.  My total for the year?  145, as opposed to last year’s 77!  Spent my birthday with Mom and Dad, with Dad taking me to Red Lobster, then relaxing in front of the TV watching the Survivor finale.

So what will 2019 have in store for us?  Who knows?  It depends on my mother’s motivation to work her muscles, if she ever hopes to walk again.  It’s rough, seeing one’s parent in a wheelchair, but Mom’s always had a positive outlook, which is good.  I just hope my dad’s health continues to be good.  Also, Mrs. Sato turns 100 years old in April, so I’m hoping we’re invited to her party.

Books Read:  67 

           Print:  42

        E-book:  26

            DNF:  3

Karaoke Songs:  88

               Thurs:  34

                    Sat:  71

Weight:  Went the wrong way.  Began at 232; ended 240.

Here’s hoping 2019 will be even better!

Happy New Year!

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