Wrong Date And Other Issues #MFRWAuthors #52

So we’re ending the MFRW Authors Blog Challenge with a bang….can you believe it will soon be 2019?

For our final Blog Challenge Topic, The Powers That Be want to know our wedding disasters.

This is a loaded question for me.  Why?

1)   I probably married the wrong man.

2)  I had always dreamed of my wedding being June 19, not May 3rd.

3)  I had always dreamed of a packed church, with my college roommates as bridesmaids, not a simple ceremony with only my sister as MOH; walking up the aisle with my father instead of my intended; my best friend from HS singing the Lord’s Prayer instead of simply reciting it; me smiling dazzling at my groom instead of sobbing through my vows and barely squeaking out the words.  Plus, I think only 50 people were in attendance.

4)  The person who volunteered to videotape the event was flying in stand-by from Florida and arrived just in time to start video taping as we walked down the aisle.  I guess I should be thankful he missed the drama over my sister changing her mind about being my MOH, and our pastor and my mom valiantly trying to change her mind.  My BFF was ready to step in, but fortunately, W changed her mind again and stood up with me.

5)  My new nephew (age 2) cried through the entire event, and that’s the most prominent ‘voice’ on the video!

6)  I had always dreamed of a reception held in a banquet room at a hotel, complete with DJ, seven-layer cake (some layers chocolate!), and dancing the night away.  What I got instead was a reception at my parents’ house, where we unwrapped the gifts after eating.

7)  I wanted my honeymoon at Disney.  Instead, we spent one night at the Guest Quarter hotel in Indianapolis, and there was not even the typical action of a newly-wedded couple, because I was two months pregnant and in danger of miscarrying the baby.

If this sounds like I’m whining, I apologize….we did manage to beat the odds and are still married after 28 years; we have three healthy kids plus a granddaughter, and it looks as if our family will grow in the next year or so by adding a DIL, when our oldest graduates from college.  I sincerely hope more grandchildren will follow AFTER a marriage, since we also have a 5 month-old great-grandchild, thanks to Miss Drama Queen, age 17.

Call me old-fashioned, but yes, I hope my oldest son gets it ‘right’, as does my younger son and grandson!

For more wedding disasters, go here.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year’s!

Update On Mom:

She’s doing better!  I came home Sunday, and we called her on Christmas Day.  She was upbeat; my dad spent the entire day with her, she’s doing better in PT, and several friends had either dropped by or called.  My parents’ friends are keeping Dad supplied with food, and at least once a day, SOMEONE stops by to see her.  We still don’t know how long she will be in Cumberland Point; Dad will let me know when he finds out.  At this time, it looks as if I won’t have to go up again until next month, but again, this could change at any time.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

4 responses to “Wrong Date And Other Issues #MFRWAuthors #52

  1. I echo your old-fashioned attitude. When my own children mention having children of their own, I remind them that they should get married first.

    • *sigh* This seems to be a ‘trend’ among everyone….have the baby 1st, THEN get married. In one of my son’s friend’s case….have 2 kids, then get married three years later! It’s not the stigma it was thirty-odd years ago, but I wish kids would do it the ‘right’ way…..does anyone recite that old jingle anymore? ‘First comes love, 2nd comes marriage, then comes (fill in the blank) with a baby carriage.’

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