“When You Wish Upon A Star…” #MFRWauthors #51

Yikes, can you believe this is week 51?  This week’s topic is ‘Fantasy Vacations’.  My dream for the past several decades has been to spend a week at Disney, plus a day or two at Universal.  I’d like to spend a day at each park, do the nightlife, and enjoy at least one of the resorts.

I nearly got my wish back in 2004, however my two older children whined about the heat.  We were there in June, and the temps soared into the triple digits.  They were more happy in the hotel pool at Kissimmee than at the theme park, and my parents were happy to accommodate them.  On the final day, when we arrived at MGM and after riding only two rides, I asked my parents, “Okay; who are you and what have you done with my parents?”, when they agreed to return to the hotel.

After I told my sister about our week, we agreed to park Grandma and Grandpa at a central location and take our younger kids around the Magic Kingdom!

What’s YOUR fantasy vacation?

Have a very merry Christmas!!

Update on my mom:  She’s been moved to a rehabilitation center, and was doing well at PT and OT, but on Wed, she slept wrong and had a severe pain in her neck.  Today (Thurs), she was fine this morning, but sort of spiraled down in the evening, and went to bed early.  It’s supposed to begin snowing tomorrow, and my son is coming up on Sunday to see Grandma, as well as take me home.  I’ll be back up after Christmas.

2 responses to ““When You Wish Upon A Star…” #MFRWauthors #51

  1. Strangely enough, I never really dreamed about going to any of the Disney theme parks. I’ve been to Florida a handful of times and the weather, generally, was hot and miserable.

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