Bragging Rights #MFRW #Authors #47

I’ve got to admit, I’ve had a pretty amazing year, sales-wise.  Last year, I sold 77 books.  This year, so far?


Plus, I’ve one more signing on Dec. 1st.

I’ve heard a lot of people complaining this past year about Mercury in Retrograde.  I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I’ve noticed whenever this happens, people tend to throw money my way:)  As far as I’m concerned, it can stay in retrograde!

Another thing I can brag on is my kids.  Oldest son is in his 2nd year of college, and has changed his major three times, this 3rd one being the one he’s finally happy with.  He’s got a good girlfriend, a good job, and has reached Green Belt in karate.

Daughter, though she lost her job several months back, has filled in while I’ve been away, and is proving to be quite a good cook, and has really bonded with her own daughter during homework time.

Granddaughter is learning to read and after a rather rocky start to the school year, has turned her attitude around, at least for the past three weeks.  Punishments didn’t seem to be working (withholding special treats, grounding from Kindle time), so we began Positive Reinforcement.  Good for one day?  A Slim-Jim after school.  Good for three days?  A trip to McD’s after school.  Good all week?  Grandpa made chili (her favorite meal).  At the end of 2 weeks?  Grandma brought home a present.  This week, she’s getting extra attention, since her new half-sister is about to be born either tomorrow or on Thanksgiving, and she’s not too happy about the prospect of sharing her dad with another baby.

Younger son actually has an A in Language Arts!  He’s also enjoying his Science class, and has joined the Magic The Gathering club at school.  He also goes to the comic book store on Fridays and spends the evening playing MTG with other kids and adults.

For more Bragging Rights, go here.

What about YOU?  Anything you’re proud of this year?

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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