Basic Fears #MFRW #Authors #44

As a mom, I have a few fears.

-Fear I’ll outlive my children

-Fear that I’ll fail as a mom, and won’t be able to protect my kids

-Fear that any bad choices I’ve made will affect my children in negative ways.

As a wife who married a man in a lower income bracket that I grew up in, I’ve had a real fear of poverty, of empty cabinets, and at one time, a fear of being homeless.  My faith in God, as well as having a family with larger resources than myself, have helped me greatly with these.

As a writer, I’ve also had a fear of failure.

-Fear that no one will buy my books

-Fear that no one will LIKE the way I write/craft stories

-Fear of getting that massive creative blockage and never finishing anything ever again

-Fear of neglecting my family as I’m pursuing my dream

-Fear of success.  I know; this is a weird one, but I’ve had to overcome a few self-sabotage inclinations.  I’ve over-committed myself; forgotten deadlines; forgotten to write down important dates.

With the changing political culture, I now fear I’ll inadvertently offend someone.  I’ve managed to do it on FB more than once in the past several years.

What’s YOUR biggest fear?

I’m off this weekend; I’m looking forward to catching up on some shows I DVR’d last week while I was gone, and preparing for next week’s five day promotion streak.  I’ll be at the Indianapolis Christmas Gift and Hobby Show Wed-Sat, 3:30 pm-close, and on Sunday, up in Lafayette for an debut Author’s Fair.  I’m going to try to remember to post next week; after all, my mornings will be FREE!

So enjoy your weekend!  Friday night, I’ll be downtown at a friend’s art gallery during our 1st Friday Art Walk, then vegging out in front of the TV until it’s time to join my fellow choir members at church.  I’m also designing a CD cover for our Women’s Retreat next week (even though I can’t be there this year) and maybe making a dozen cookies or two.  Monday will be busy with picking up promo items and packing; next Tuesday I’m off to Lafayette to drop off some things at my parents’ house, so they won’t get stolen while I’m in Indy.  I plan to SLEEP all day Monday the 12th, ha ha!

3 responses to “Basic Fears #MFRW #Authors #44

    • Thanks Cathy…..I won’t actually BE at the retreat this year, but I’m on the leadership committee and want to fulfill my obligations. Currently waiting for a friend to send me the photoshopped picture I requested, so I can get them ordered. I also need to write a few Thank You cards before I leave on Tues! Yikes….maybe I’d better not veg out TOO much over the weekend!

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