Rituals? Me? #MFRW #Authors #39

My writing ritual can be summed up in three short steps:

  1.  Fix something to drink and/or eat
  2. Sit down at desk and bring up document on computer
  3. WRITE.


That’s it.  Oh sure, there’s some procrastination along the way….checking Facebook, reading through what I’ve already written, doing some last-minute research, or getting a phone call/family distractions.  But if the words are flowing, it’s very simple.  I WRITE.

Step one depends on what the muse wants.  Mainly it’s iced tea, and I keep it in the kitchen, so I have to get up once in a while.  If there are Girl Scout cookies about, my muse likes the Thin Mints or the All-Abouts/Thank Yous.  Or if I’ve eaten my stash, then it’s Mint Oreos.  Right now, it’s candy corn.  Specifically, the Autumn mix.  Even more specific, the pumpkins.

For more authors’ rituals, click here.

What’s my current project?  I’m taking my four ‘orphaned’ novellas and making a print anthology.  I’ve nearly gotten everything formatted; now I need a title.  Go to Kenzie’s Korner and read the blurbs for All She Ever Wanted, Appetite For Desire, Class Reunion, and Off The Clock, and see if anything jumps out at you.

Suggestions already have been:

Country Club Chaos

Country Club Shenanigans

Romance ala Country Club

Passion Ala Cart

An Untimely Catered Affair

A Series of Catered Affairs

Untimely Catered Shenanigans

Catered Romance- WINNER

What’s in it for you?  Bragging rights, a mention in the dedication, and a free signed copy when it’s available.

See you next week!

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