Trivia Buff #MFRW #Authors #38

This week’s topic is ‘my odd/useless talent’.  I think mine’s trivia.

Blame my mother.  Waaaaay back when I was in high school, she brought home a new board game called Trivial Pursuit, and I fell in love with it.  I was particularly good at the Science and Geography subjects (go figure!), with History and Entertainment a close second.  Why not Literature?  I was only 16, and still hadn’t read a lot of the classics.

But I digress.

I took the game to college, and soon friends and I were having week-long games.  My boyfriend in 1987 and I joined in a game midway, and on our first turn, kept answering the questions until we had all but one piece of the ‘pie’.  Fifteen minutes later, it was our turn again and we not only secured our final piece, but made it to the center and won the game.

We were never allowed to play with that bunch again….

I own nearly all the Trivial Pursuit editions, and I’ll admit, my kids beat me at the Pop Culture one.

After being smoked at Disney Trivia by my kids, I made them quit using the Kid’s deck, much to their dismay.  I’d like to play once in a while too!  When that proved a bit too tough, we altered the rules so they could only answer two questions!

Remember the game Scene It?  The kids and I would play that for hours in the wintertime.

Now my favorite thing to do is go to Buffalo Wild Wings and play Lunchtime Trivia.  Sometimes I’m the only one playing, which is nice, but it’s also nice to see how I stack up against other players.  Sometimes it’s a challenge to come in 2nd or third, but I also believe it helps exercise the brain.

What’s YOUR useless or odd talent?

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I promised you an interview with my rebellious fairy Opal; she nearly hijacked it!  As soon as I get a definite release date, I’ll let you know:)

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