Confessions of a Chocoholic #MFRW #Authors #36

*Raises hand*

I’ll admit it…..I’m guilty of hiding Dove chocolates in one of my dresser drawers.


So they will last longer than a day or two, due to those other humans who live in my house.  If I let it be known there are kettle chips, Dove Chocolates, Cheese-Its, Old Fashioned Creams, or even more recently, Werther’s Original Caramels out in the open and up for grabs, they would barely last a day.

So yes, I’ve taken to hiding kettle chips in the cupboard with the laundry detergent; buying two boxes of Cheese-Its and stashing one on the highest shelf of the pantry; tucking my favorite candies (Dove Chocolates, Old Fashioned Creams, and the caramels) in either my closet or one of my dresser drawers.

How long do they last, you ask, if I’m the only one eating them?

One week on the chocolate drops (there’s not that many of ’em) and at least 2 weeks on the Dove and Werther’s, longer if I *gasp* forget they’re in there.  (Yes, it’s happened)

Mom and I were eating cookie dough ice cream last night when a commercial for substance abuse played.

“I admit to being a substance abuser……I’m becoming addicted to my nightly ice cream,” I quipped.

Mom smiled.  “You come by it honestly, because if you spent any nights at your great-grandparents or your grandparents, a bowl of ice cream before bed was a nightly ritual!”

So there you have it.  I come from a long line of candy lovers, since my great-grandma had M&Ms in her pantry; my grandfather kept M&Ms or pistachio nuts beside his chair; Mom keeps cookie dough in her fridge and we snack on at least 4 squares each day; I hoard Dove Chocolates whenever I get the urge.

Yeah…..that explains why the number on my scale this summer is going the wrong way……as soon as I return home, the snacking’s gotta stop!  Though a few years ago, I discovered my muse loves the Mint Oreos!

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Update On Mom:

This is my final full-day with my parents, since I return home tomorrow for at least 3-4 weeks.  Mom has made an appt with the neurologist to have her muscles tested, in order to rule out any other diseases.  Her left thigh muscle has clearly atrophied, so physical therapy will help with it.  I’m looking forward to getting back to my family and getting my own house back in order; my youngest has signed up to be a Prop Boy for the HS marching band, so that means picking him up from practices and attending football games this fall.  We don’t have to attend the band contests if we don’t want to, though I would like to attend State, as our HS band ranks high each year.

2 responses to “Confessions of a Chocoholic #MFRW #Authors #36

  1. I admit to a weakness for snacking, but a certain intolerance of dairy products deters me from stuffing myself with ice cream on a regular basis.

    • I honestly don’t snack as much as it seems; when I’m home, I’m usually on the computer or working in one of the houses. But when the weather’s bad, or I’m in ‘marathon-reading-mode’, the munchies grab me. Since I AM trying to lose weight, I try not keep the temptation treats in the house. But sometimes you just HAVE to indulge, you know?
      Esp if the muse ‘demands’ it…..LMAO!

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