He/She, You, or I? #MFRW #Authors #32

This week’s topic is ‘what tense do I write in?’

In school essays, I wrote in 1st person, much like these blog posts.  As I progressed to short stories, 3rd person was the dominant ‘voice’.

But when I attempted my first full-length novel?  I started in 3rd, but before I was finished, I started a 2nd one in 1st person.  By the time I’d finished three full-length books, I’d switched back to 3rd person.  When I decided to pursue publishing, the advice was to switch the 1st-person story to 3rd person, to match the others.

Which was fine, since I’d decided halfway through the story that I wasn’t being fair to the hero, not showing his side of the story.  When I edited it for the 5th time, I found some instances where I hadn’t switched all the ‘me/I/we’s (this before I discovered the ‘search/replace’ button, ha ha!).

So yeah, the short answer is, ‘3rd person’.

The longer answer is, I began writing 3rd person Omniscient, which, I discovered, the rules had changed and no one liked head hopping.  At the time, I was writing much like the books I was reading, Danielle Steele, Judith Michael, and other early works.  Fast-forward twenty years, and that’s a no-no.  Stick to one person POV per scene.

And now I notice it more!

Oh yeah, I manage to sneak one past an editor here or there…..just as long as I don’t do it too much, ha ha!

What tense do you prefer to read in?  I’ll read some 1st person, but I really prefer 3rd.  I hate, hate HATE 2nd person!  Even more so than 1st person, present tense.  Ugh!  Don’t even get me started on that topic!

What do other authors prefer?

Update On Mom:

I’ve actually been gone this week, returning tomorrow.  Mom has her physical therapy consult today.  When I find out the results, I’ll update here.  See you next week!  I’ll be back at the Mosey Down Main St again on Saturday.

I was very disappointed in our Watermelon Festival.  The last few years, I’ve managed to sell an average of 4-5 books…..this year, I sold only two, as I was packing up things at the end of the night.  My colleague sold two also earlier in the day, so technically we broke even.  Hope I have better success on Saturday!

2 responses to “He/She, You, or I? #MFRW #Authors #32

  1. Maybe it’s just my generation, but I don’t see a problem with starting a scene inside one character’s head and finishing it inside another character’s head, as long as the author makes it clear whose head I’m in.

    • LOL…..sometimes, there’s just no other way to get everyone’s POV in! As I said, I don’t do it too often. My editor shook her head at my 1st book, where the heroine LEAVES THE ROOM and the conversation continues without her there! Made sense at the time, but was a big no-no ten years ago.

      A friend wrote one of her books in Omni POV, and I loved it…..I had no issues with it.

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