All Things Creative #MFRW #Authors #28

What Do I Do When I’m Not Writing Or What Other Creative Outlets Do I Enjoy?

This topic and #31 are sort of the same.  So to answer this week’s topic, What creative outlets do I enjoy, the answer’s very simple.

Karaoke  This allows me to free my ‘inner rock star’ and hang out with friends.

Needlepoint:  I discovered the family will leave me alone if I’m working on a needlepoint or cross-stitch project!  If I’m at the computer, the family feels free to interrupt me, since they don’t see what I’m doing as ‘working’.  But sitting at the table, listening to music and happily stitching away?  The kids go to Dad for whatever they need.  So if I need some peace and quiet, all I have to do is pull out my sewing bag!

-Cooking:  I don’t often get the urge to make a gourmet meal, but when I do, I enjoy trying out new recipes.  If it’s a total failure, I can usually count on a trip to our Chinese Buffet, especially if it’s deemed inedible by my husband!  Admittedly, this has only occurred once or twice.  One time, I made a meal according to the directions and it didn’t fill up my hungry family.  A pizza was ordered two hours later.

-Reading:  I love to lose myself in a good book.


So what about you?  Want to know what others think?  Click here.

Mom Update:

I’ve taken over the cooking, getting Mom in and out of bed, and running errands.  No word yet as to when the Japanese lady is leaving for an extended trip back to Japan for her granddaughter’s wedding, but in the meantime, I’ve gotten into two Lafayette events, the Mosey On Main St (14th) and the Gallery Walk (20th),  Mom and I have ‘found’ her desk; I’ve bagged things for a trip to Goodwill, and some items to send to my sister. I had a GREAT time at the InConJunction Convention, selling 8 books, plus signing two of the anthologies that my colleague brought.  Looking forward to attending again next year!

3 responses to “All Things Creative #MFRW #Authors #28

  1. Great creative outlets. I use to love needlepoint but only can do plastic canvas now. I do love cooking and crochet

  2. Great creative outlets. I use to love needlepoint but only can do plastic canvas now. I do love cooking and crochet

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