Absolute Necessity #MFRW #Authors #24

It’s hard to pick just one item I absolutely cannot live without.  There’s my laptop, my Kindle, my phone, indoor plumbing, toilet paper, napkins.  My daily dose of Aleve.  My Bible.  Notebook and pen.

If I were about to be sent to a deserted island and could only take one item, what would I take?

A backpack stuffed with paper, pens, books, kleenex, sunscreen, and either MacGuyver or an Eagle Scout, because let’s face it; I wouldn’t last twenty-four hours on my own without the basic necessities.

Now I can whittle down that original list.  My Kindle can function as my laptop or even phone, since I could contact my sister via Messenger and have her call my parents.  Or, I could use my phone instead, I’d just need more storage to download the Kindle App.

If I had at least toilet paper, I can live w/o indoor plumbing for a few days.

Aleve?  Need it, unless there was a magical topical relief for my knees after two days.  Yeah, I’m getting old.

Bible:  If I had the Kindle app, I’d already have this.

But notebook and pen?  I don’t like to type on my phone for a long time, and more comfortable with the laptop of the old fashioned way.

So yeah…..I’m doomed.  I can’t choose just one.

My BFF a few years ago would have said ‘makeup’ or her hairdryer!

What about you?

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See you next week!

I’ll be at Celebration On Main tomorrow in Washington, In, so I’ll probably check in with everyone else’s posts on Monday:)  Have a great weekend!

5 responses to “Absolute Necessity #MFRW #Authors #24

  1. I couldn’t choose one either. I’d have to have my meds or I would have seizures and allergies attacks. My kindle and have to have a couple solar batteries lol. Toilet paper is s good idea lol

    • AMEN! Toilet Paper: The absolute MUST! I guess, in a pinch, I could use leaves or even a sheet of notebook paper…..but…..ugh. And let’s hope there’s no poison ivy on that island!

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