Memories…..#MFRW #Authors #23

When I first saw this topic, back when I signed up for this challenge, I thought this week would be an easy one.  Turns out it’s not.

Do I pick the births of my 3 children?  My 1st trip to Disney?  My last trip to Disney?  My 1st book signing?  My 1st sale?  Any family vacation?  My wedding day?

Decisions, decisions.

Turns out I have too many fond memories over the years.  So rather than pick a conventional one, I’ll tell you about an unexpected kiss.

Date:  July 4, 1982:

Place:  Tapawingo Park, Lafayette, In

Two years earlier, my friends and I had discovered a tiny strip of sand near the Wabash River we dubbed our ‘beach’.  The 4th of July concert was a huge event when I was in high school, since it culminated with the 1812 Overture, complete with cannon fire, followed by the fireworks.

My friend D and I met at the ‘beach’ and soon our conversation took a somber turn.  I was bemoaning the fact my efforts to win my ex-boyfriend weren’t working; he was bemoaning the fact his girlfriend had dumped him three days earlier.  When it came time for the 1812, we quit griping about our love lives and went to enjoy the music.

After retrieving his lawn chair, D and I staked out our spot to watch the fireworks, and he pulled me onto his lap.  A good-humored game of ‘Sorry’ followed, and ended with me snuggled against his chest, our hands clasped.  Right after the finale, I struggled off his lap (reluctantly!), and was thrilled when he collapsed the chair, then took my hand again.  Right before we reached the parking lot, he leaned the chair against the silver barrier between grass and blacktop, and kissed me.

“Happy 4th of July.”

I don’t even think I responded, I was so shocked!  He walked me to my parents’ car (his parents had parked not too far from mine), and squeezed my hand again before continuing on to his.

I’d love to say we officially became a couple, but we didn’t.  Life took us in opposite directions, though we did stay good friends.  You know hindsight’s 20/20; I’d love to go back in time and see where a possible relationship would have taken us.

Want to see more memories?  What’s YOU favorite memory?

I’m off to a baby shower tomorrow; my oldest granddaughter is due July 16th.  If you’re a follower of my other blog, you know this is Miss Drama Queen (MDQ I dubbed her this when she was four, ha ha!), and like my youngest daughter, is the LAST female I would ever expect to procreate!  But baby Phoenix (boy) will make his arrival soon, and I hope to meet him in September.

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