Kindles, Alarm Clock, And Electric Blankets #MFRW #Authors #21

What’s the best gift I’ve ever gotten?

When I was ten, I’d have said my electric blanket.  I was always cold, and the arrival of that blanket on my tenth birthday made my day!  Now I could crawl into a toasty warm bed….but I neglected to shut it off a few times and nearly set my bed on fire.  A scorched blanket scared me into remembering to shut it off every morning.  That and my parents taking the controls for a week as punishment.

A year later, my first clock radio appeared on Christmas morning….yay!  I could now be more responsible, right?  Nope…..after a week, I was sleeping through the sounds of the morning news.  This was before I got the one with the blaring Beep!  Beep!  Beep!or even the snooze button.  I do remember setting the alarm for 6am one day, when we were getting ready to go on vacation, and being rudely jolted out of a sound sleep by the Star-Spangled Banner.  I’d turned the volume up AND placed the clock on a high shelf!

I think it woke up everyone in the house, ha ha!

In recent memory, my best gifts have been on my wedding anniversary or Mother’s Day (the two are a week apart).  My 1st Kindle Fire….the 2nd Fire…..yay!  I can read, check Facebook, AND watch Netflix on the same tablet, and not have to drag my laptop to the coffee shop, if I’m meeting friends:)  Plus, since I received my 1st Smart Phone two years ago, no need to even take the Kindle, unless I want to continue reading.  I take the Kindle with me on trips, to various appointments, and if I get bored at karaoke while waiting my turn, then I scroll through FB or Twitter on my phone.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention a particular birthday gift that arrived eleven days before my 26th, and that would be my firstborn.  My ‘firecracker’ arrived 2.5 years later, along with our ‘almost Leap-Year’ child ten years after that.  Thankfully, he took five hours to be born after my water broke at 10:30pm on Feb 29th!

What’s the best gift YOU’VE ever been given?

Want to read more

I just hit a milestone this past weekend:  All She Ever Wanted turned NINE years old last Saturday!  It’s currently unavailable, but I’m hoping to have it back up and even in print form, along with the three related stories, by this fall.

8 responses to “Kindles, Alarm Clock, And Electric Blankets #MFRW #Authors #21

    • That’s cool! I think later in my 10th year I also got my ‘adult’ record player, the one that I could stack records on the spindle. Dad also made me a set of shelves.

    • LOL….my hubby would sometimes sleep through his….and one of our cats would wake him up by tapping his arm a few times, then giving him a gentle nip.

    • Mine won’t hold a charge very long. I have to shut mine completely down when I’m not using it. Used to be I had at least 2 weeks before it needed charged; now it’s like every 2-3 days. Longer if I end up binge-watching Netflix for several hours.

  1. Yes to the electric blanket!!! I still love the one The Hubs got for me, my second one actually since the first one burned out. And I remember being very excited to get my Nook Color only to have it be ‘obsolete’ the following year because a new model came out. But still I loved it.

  2. When I married, I had a twin electric blanket that I kept on my side, but after menopause, I couldn’t even stand to wear my fleece jammies to bed.

    Thanks for stopping by everyone!

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