Plantzer Checking In…..#MFRW #Authors #18

The question this week is, do you set up character or setting profiles?

I first took this to mean, do I work up a character sketch or look for pretty pictures of what I think the setting for my next book is going to be?  Short answer, no.  I sit down and let the characters tell me what they look like or where they are.  The only time I have to plan in advance is when I realize there are multiple people in the work, and I need to keep track of pertinent info, so not everyone looks/sounds the same.  Then I stop and create a ‘bible’ for that book or series, much like Molly’s Arbor U series or Kenzie’s The Chosen series.

After I wrote down the title, I wondered if the question meant FB or Pinterest profiles?  I’ve seen friends create FB pages for their different series, or Pinterest boards.  I don’t do that….my time is better spent writing and marketing my work than having to post a daily question or manage multiple pages.  Social Media is already a black hole of procrastination for me, and I’ve even neglected my own author page(s) at times!

What About You? 

Okay; I promised you the new links to the print versions of AU:  Instead of posting each one, here’s the link to my Amazon Author Page.  Enjoy!

Here’s my favorite of the six covers; I took the picture for the back page.


4 responses to “Plantzer Checking In…..#MFRW #Authors #18

  1. I do character sketches and settings a friend of mine dies hercover first and I am going to try that after these. I don’t do the pages on Pinterest or Facebook I started to and like you said too much time suck

    • I sometimes interview characters for blog hops, or promotional blogs for when I have a new release, but that’s usually AFTER I’ve written the book, lol:)

  2. I don’t know if I have the time to dedicate to making pages for each book like some do. I know authors that really into the Pintrest boards but I’ve not picked that up at all. It all just sorta happens.

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