Lessons Learned….#MFRW #Authors #14

Apologies; the last three weekends were hectic, with attending two book signings, Palm Sunday, and then the Easter weekend.  My father gets released from his restrictions next week, and my life *SHOULD* return to some semblance of normalcy!

I’ve got another confession:  I’ve never had a really bad review.

The only 1-star rating I received on GoodReads was from a reader whose 5-stars were all given to Christian Fiction.  Why she chose to pick up an Erotic Romance is beyond me….unless she was curious?

Truthfully, the lesson hammered home the hardest came not in the form of a review on any site, but a comment on a yahoo chat loop:  Not everyone shares my sense of humor.

Back in 2012, a Certain Book began making its way up the NY Times chart, and captivated many readers across the country.  Authors hated it; readers devoured it.  I decided to see for myself what all the hoopla was about, and was so appalled by the editing-or rather, lack of, that my twisted sense of humor kicked in, and I began a weekly blog about ‘The Book Which Shall Not Be Named”, followed by both sequels.

At first, fellow authors and readers loved my commentary, chapter by chapter.  I received praise, thanking me for sparing them the agony of reading it, ala cliff-note style.  Each week, I made the rounds of my yahoo loops, promoting it.

Until one author or reader could no longer stomach my posts, and asked why was I, a fellow author, ripping this book to shreds?  Weren’t we supposed to stand in solidarity, to support each other?  In short, my attempt at humor did not suit her.  I apologized, and no longer promoted that post on that particular site (I was nearly finished with the 3rd book anyway).

Was I hurt and angry about the criticism?  You bet.  But I got over it, much as I did back in 2007 when I made the rounds with my 1st story, and was prayed over, invited to church by well-meaning individuals, and gently asked why not write something that contained no swear words?

Yes, not everyone is going to ‘get’ me.  Not everyone is going to fall in love with the words I write (imagine that!).  As most authors, I’m merely taking dictation from the voices in my head, a slave to the muse.  God gave me this talent for writing; I can only believe when it’s time to write that ‘clean’ story, the words will come.  Truthfully, I’ve already veered away from the explicit sex scenes (somewhat, not entirely!) and onto writing paranormal characters.

My mother will be thrilled:)

Want to see what other authors have learned?  See you next week!

4 responses to “Lessons Learned….#MFRW #Authors #14

  1. Great post. I think if someone reads outside their comfort zone they shouldn’t say anything.

    Great post.

  2. I, too, wonder why readers complain about what they find when the book’s content matches the genre or sub-genre. If one goes outside his or her preferred comfort zone, the one ought to be prepared to find content outside that comfort zone.

    • True:) I’ll admit to a little eye-popping moments when I first read an erotic romance….but it only intrigued me more. There was one Stephen King I had to keep putting down, because it freaked me out, but at least I finished it. Will I read it again? Doubtful.

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