Policy 101 and Phone Calls #MFRW #Authors #13

Molly here…..

I’ve got a confession:  I rarily have to research anything for my books.  In fact, as I was writing the Arbor University series (Kenzie interupts:  You’re still writing it!  Molly:  Yes, I know; wait your turn)-okay, the first SEVEN books, the only book I truly ‘researched’ was the eating disorder one, and even then, not much of that research ended up in the book.  I concentrated instead on the emotional aspect, the weight loss itself, and the consequences of binging/purging.  Any other ‘research’ went like this:

*Calls BFF*

Hi, need you to stretch your memory….*BFF groans*…..Remember that guy you dated on (insert month/year) and one night you came in hopping mad?  What was the argument about?  (or even, ‘What caused your breakup?’)

BFF:  OMG….I can’t believe you remember that!  Let me go get my photo album….

*We then spend several minutes going down Memory Lane until I get sufficient material/ideas for next scene*

I thank her for her help and hang up.

Kenzie here…..

I’ve had a few minor issues rear their ugly heads in a few books.  For instance, while writing All She Ever Wanted, I ended up consulting a lawyer and a city inspector when it was revealed Amber’s cafe was shut down for violations.  In Class Reunion, I consulted a friend about the pharmacy industry.  In Teacher’s Pet, I had no idea how a school board meeting would be conducted, if a teacher were accused of sexual harassment.  Thankfully, I had a friend who happened to be on our local board, so she was a huge help!  I also consulted a lawyer about policies concerning said harassment charges.

I also had to call Nicky’s Restaurant in Estes Park, Co, when Brad in Wild At Heart, happened to go there for dinner.  I needed to make sure of certain menu options, since I at first had him eating an elk steak.  Turns out they only serve beef, so whew!  Glad I checked!

As far as The Chosen series went, I did fine until Kira’s story.  Duffy ends up renovating a house, so I took a virtual tour of any older homes up for sale, in order to create both of the homes in that story.

Curious about how other authors do needed research on their books?  Go here.

Thank you all for your input on last week’s cover-gate issue:)  Personally, I’m not that happy with them, but am getting mixed reviews from readers.  I just hope I like the print cover better!

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter!

*Can I just be slightly irreverent for a moment? *

“Christ has died….”   

(3 days later)….


It’s just so hilarious how that works out this year!

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