No Contest….#MFRW #Authors #12

This week’s post is going to be very brief, since the only writing contest I’ve ever entered ended in a rejection.

It was for Writer’s Digest, and about twelve or fourteen years ago.  They did not accept my guest post, and since then,  I’d rather spend money on inventory, paying cover artists and editors, and saving up for table fees.

Indiana is experiencing bi-polar weather, or else someone has really pissed off Elsa.  I’ve been at my parents’ house the past week, since Dad wasn’t able to drive after his knee surgery, and this weekend, a foot of snow is supposed to be dumped in Lafayette.  I have to be home for a meeting Monday morning, so I’ll be traveling south, and trying to beat the weather.  To add to this craziness, Dad isn’t supposed to lift over 10 lbs, so I’ll have to drive back Monday afternoon, in order to take out the trash and go grocery shopping.

I do have good news to share….my Anderson Chronicles novellas have been repubbed by Stardust Romance. Books #2-4 are live at the moment; there was some confusion with #1, and should be cleared up by next week.  I have to admit, I’m not exactly thrilled with the new covers, but we’ll see what the print antho looks like.  Go ahead; tell me your opinion on these.  I had zero input, so yea or nay, please weigh in with your opinion!  The originals are still up on Kenzie’s Korner page, for comparison.  Which covers would entice YOU to buy?







To find out about other authors contest experiences, click here.

See you next week!

7 responses to “No Contest….#MFRW #Authors #12

  1. My post was short this week also because I’ve not done any contests.

    Oh boy on the snow and all the driving back and forth! I hope everything clears up soon. It’s supposed to be spring! Get well wishes for your father. Safe travels.

    Congrats on getting your books repubbed! Can’t say I’m a fan of the covers. Though hunky men seem to be the ‘it’ thing right now.

  2. I didn’t post this week not having a published book or any contest news. I do have a book coming up in an anthology but can’t post the cover or anything yet LOL. I have to admit if i had to choose I like these covers better than the originals BUT why the heck is the deal with the titles over the faces? that really throws me off. I love she ever wanted but the title and your name aren’t so great. Off the clock is HOT So my consensus is our original was much more professional looking but with tweaks, I could like these better. One more thing about these are they are stock photos that have been used an awful lot though. good luck on the rerelease.

  3. Your publisher probably knows the kind of covers their readers snatch up. These days I see a lot more romance novels with just a hot guy on the cover. Buy, yeah, why cover up their faces? Congrats on getting repubbed. Good luck with the nasty weather. Ugh.

  4. I’ve become pretty ambivalent about writing contests, especially as I’ve read books by “this or that contest winner” that, well, left a lot to be desired. Congrats on the republished books!

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