Chores I Detest….#MFRW #Authors #11

Going to try to keep this brief; I misread the topic and actually wrote next week’s post!  So that’s one last thing I have to do next week….

If I never had to dust, clean toilets/bathtubs/showers, wash dishes by hand, or run the vacuum, I’d be a happy lady:)  Or, if it’s writerly chores, I’d love to have a never-ending supply of ink for the printer, a computer that doesn’t crash, and a built-in editor so I’d never have to pay for editing services.

Sometimes, it would be nice to give up sleep, so I could get everything accomplished…just kidding.

It would also nice to have that steady flow of income, so cooking would be an optional thing, not something I’d have to do every day.  Because let’s face it; when I’m ‘in the zone’, the last thing I want to do is stop and fix dinner!

I’m headed down to Nashville, TN for the day, to see several authors friends I’ve not seen in two years, then on Saturday, I’ll be in Indianapolis for the day at the Wanderlust In Indy book signing.  To add to the confusion, my dad had knee surgery on Wednesday, so this week has been rather hectic.

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See you next week!

2 responses to “Chores I Detest….#MFRW #Authors #11

  1. I did that one week, read the wrong topic so wrote the wrong post.
    I’m with you on the chores. I really want to make enough money so that I can have a weekly maid service. That’s my writing ‘success’ LOL.
    Enjoy your trip.

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