Catching Up #MFRW #Authors #8 and 9

Did you miss me last week?  Or didn’t even notice?  That’s fine too….truthfully, the week got away from me.  I arrived back home and was plunged into family drama.  I didn’t even get online until Saturday!  So here’s my *brief* catch up post:

Worst writing advice I’ve gotten:

Probably the 2nd publisher/editor I had.  I was questioning everything I’d learned, from dialogue tags to sentence structure.  In desperation, I sent one particular paragraph to my 1st editor, with the following plea:

“Am I just being a diva, or do I have a legitimate complaint about her editing skills?”

Thankfully, an answer popped up within the hour.

“She must be using a 1st grade editing manual.  You’re right; stick to your guns.”

That 2nd editor argued with me at one point, so I told her I’d consulted others, and would take the heat if anyone complained about that one scene, and the way it was written.  To date, NO ONE HAS!

That company folded two years later, and I sent my original MS to another publisher, and I’m happy to say it is now PROPERLY edited!

What would I invent if stuck on an island?

Given my current survival skills, probably a method of writing on dried leaves with berry juice and a pointed stick.  If you mean my FICTIONAL survival skills, then of course I would make a two-way radio out of a coconut, AND be able to fix my broken boat, plus be able to concoct delicious meals from whatever I found on said island.

Unless I managed to be stuck on an island where civilization was just on the other side…..and by civilization I mean a 5-star resort!

Yeah, I suck at survival… read better posts, go here, and I’ll try to be more entertaining next week.

Provided no more family drama happens.

8 responses to “Catching Up #MFRW #Authors #8 and 9

  1. hahaha loving your fictional survival skills. We’re all gonna be McGyvers! I can work with that no problem. And glad you had a back up to use when questioning the editing advice. It can be so hard sometimes to know what to listen to and what to toss out.

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