Travel Bug! #MFRW #Authors #7

This week’s topic is a good one on this gloomy, misty day in Indiana.  Why?

Because it makes me want to seek warmer weather!

What’s on my bucket list?

1)  Travel!

-Disney World/Universal Studios:  I’ve never been to U.S., though I think the only rides I’d enjoy would be in kiddie land….and the last time I was at WDW, my youngest was three months old!  (He’ll be 14 in two weeks)





-Ottowa:  We were there at Christmas, and SO COLD!  I would love to go back in the summer, when it’s warmer:)

2)  Hit the best-seller list

3)  Attend Wild Wicked Weekend, Lori Foster’s, or any other fabulous reader event

4)  Be able to afford to be an attending author at Weekend With The Authors, hosted by my former SCP owner and fellow author Sandy Sullivan:)

5)  Be able to attend the RT convention as an author, not just go to the book signing (when it’s near my area!)

Travel, books, and meeting readers….what could be better?

To see what other authors desire to do, click here:)

See you next week!




10 responses to “Travel Bug! #MFRW #Authors #7

  1. As someone who can’t take roller coasters, etc, I can safely say you’ll probably want to do the kiddie rides at Universal Studios. The Harry Potter ride about did me in. 🙂 I hope you get to do everything on your list someday!

    • LOL! I looked at the website and since I can barely handle the slide in Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney, I figured the only ones I’d go on were in that kiddie area! I’d like to go, just to say I’ve been there. Let my daredevil kids ride those coasters:)

  2. We took the kids to Universal Studios a few years back. The one in Cali. They loved it! I hope you’re able to go soon. The RT conference was in my neck of the woods last year (I believe) but I didn’t go. At the time I couldn’t afford to. Hopefully if it comes back I can. Hitting RWA this year though.

    • When it came to Chicago in 2012, we drove 6 hours just to attend the free book signing, then spent an enjoyable evening exploring Wicker Park. I hope I get the chance to meet more of my favorite authors next time!

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